Distant but close: Merry Christmas from all over the world

Distanti ma vicini: Buon Natale da tutto il mondo

The street lamps go out, the streets are empty and everyone returns home. But the lights are now on and with them the magic

Like the beginning of a beautiful show, the curtain rises and a new and unprecedented scenography appears behind the red cloth. Everything around is unexpectedly silent, like the beginning of a magical daydream that we are allowed to do only once a year. The same in which we all find ourselves, without cultural or social distinction, nor of sex or ethnicity.

We find ourselves sitting under the tree, the soul of the party. The king of Christmas prepares to discreetly observe the joyful exchange of gifts, silently participating in the euphoria of those who can look into each other's eyes and say good wishes. And where there are no hugs, video calls and phone calls arrive to remind us that, despite the physical and social distances, we are there, for each other.

Meanwhile, with the finished and finished packages it is easy to imagine Santa Claus riding his sleigh, pulled by his faithful reindeer. He too is ready for his show: to travel the paths of heaven so as not to disappoint children's dreams. And who knows, if that clearly visible light in the sky is the Christmas star that accompanies him on his journey.

And as the sleigh flies and moves away, gingerbread men are brought to the table and snowflakes adorn the houses like the most beautiful snowy landscapes, the streets and cities of the world empty and people return home to the dimension. intimate and domestic, waiting for the new year, with that glimmer of hope that only Christmas can give.

Because never as this year have we been so distant but close. And we are now. So, yes, the lights come on and greetings from all over the world arrive for you!

Gëzuar Krishtlindjet from Albania

Весела Коледа or Честито Рождество Христово from Bulgaria

Sretan Božić from Croatia

God jul or Glædelig jul from Denmark

Vrolijk Kerstfeest from Germany

Merry Christmas from Great Britain

Hyvää joulua from Finland

Καλά Χριστούγεννα from Greece

Gleðileg jól from Iceland

Nollaig Shona Dhuit from Ireland

il-Milied it-Tajjeb from Malta

God Jul from Norway

Feliz Navidad from Spain

C Рождеством from Russia

Merry Christmas from us !!!

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