Diuretic waters: characteristics, benefits and for whom they are indicated

Diuretic waters: characteristics, benefits and for whom they are indicated

Diuretic waters are good for health: that's when to drink them and how to choose them by reading the label

Diuretic waters, also called hypotonic waters, are an excellent ally for the health of our body.

They favor the water exchange and allow a better cleaning of the urinary tract, favoring well-being. In fact, mineral waters are not all the same. In fact, starting from their composition they possess different beneficial properties. The most important element to take into account when reading the label is the fixed residue at 180 ° C, ie the quantity of salts present once the water has evaporated.

Based on this parameter, minimally mineralized water (with a fixed residue lower than 50 mg / l) and oligomineral water (fixed residue between 5-500 mg / l) are considered diuretic. A special mention should be given to the salt composition: thanks to the high quantity of magnesium in fact bicarbonate waters carry out a greater diuretic action on the organism.

What is special about diuretic waters? They are hypotonic, which means that they are rapidly absorbed by the cells and subsequently expelled. Essentially they cause an immediate kidney response. The benefits brought by these waters are many: they allow the elimination of waste from the organism, favor the absorption of minerals and fight water retention.

Diuretic waters are recommended especially for those suffering from kidney stones. In this case, in fact, they favor the dilation of the excretory pathways and peristaltic contractions, leading to the expulsion of the stones. Individuals suffering from cystitis should also consume it in abundance to eliminate inflammation of the urinary tract. The hypotonic waters are also indicated for those suffering from gout, because they protect the kidneys and help reduce uric acid levels.

How to choose diuretic water? The important thing is to always read the label, to avoid mistakes and consume the product with the best features. Choose a water rich in magnesium and calcium, low in sodium and nitrates. Drink two liters a day, alongside a healthy diet and half an hour of sport. In this way you will promote the water exchange in your body, eliminating metabolic waste and excess toxins.

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