Divine Kate Middleton on video: the 1,266 euro made in Italy dress is a fairy tale

Divine Kate Middleton on video: the 1,266 euro made in Italy dress is a fairy tale

Kate Middleton recycles her fantastic Dolce & Gabbana yellow dress and charms Australia. While with William she enjoyed meeting a cute koala

Kate Middleton and William are back together in public. The occasion is a video call to learn about the impact the fires have had on Australian flora and fauna. The Duchess of Cambridge appeared at the conference, radiant and splendid, certainly thanks to the yellow dress, signed by Dolce & Gabbana.

Kate is divine with this minimal dress from her favorite Italian brand. The model is a simple sheath dress with short draped sleeves, fitted in view, ideal for enhancing Lady Middleton's hairline. Although unfortunately it is not possible to see his full figure from the video. The Duchess wore the Dolce & Gabbana dress for the first time (cost: 1,150 pounds, or approximately 1,266 euros) in 2018, to attend a tennis match at Wimbledon.

Among the Italian brands, Dolce & Gabbana is certainly the most appreciated by Kate who wore dresses from the same maison for more formal occasions such as Royal Ascot. But the choice to wear a yellow dress during a video call with Australia is not accidental. The sunny color is much loved by William's wife who wears it with ease, even if it is not easy, but she is a charm. But yellow was chosen by the Duchess as one of the main shades of her wardrobe during her tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2012.

The Dukes of Cambridge spoke with Dana Mitchell, owner of a wildlife park, who took advantage of the virtual meeting with their Majesties to introduce a cute koala named Grace. The surprise was very welcome by the couple, especially by William who approached the screen to see the sweet host and exclaimed: "She is very well looked after, it seems that Grace has a very good life there". Dana explained that the koala has been coming to them for about a month and has begun to gain weight. He loves to eat and sleeps most of the day.

Kate also appeared very amused to see Grace. Lady Middleton loves life in the open air and in the midst of nature. It is no coincidence that the Queen appointed her head of the scouts and just a few days ago she went to visit a group of Ladybirds and Lupetti and had fun with them doing numerous activities in the countryside.

Kate Middleton William

Kate Middleton and William with the koala Grace – Source: Getty Images

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