Divorce Meghan Markle, revolution in the Royal Family: it's war on TV

Divorzio Meghan Markle, rivoluzione nella Famiglia Reale: è guerra in tv

Elisabetta reorganizes the family and focuses on Kate Middleton and William. While appearing on TV before Harry and Meghan Markle's hot interview

After the definitive divorce of Meghan Markle and Harry from the Monarchy, Queen Elizabeth has decided to reorganize the Royal Family by focusing everything on Kate Middleton and William and with the help of other trusted members such as the Countess of Wessex.

The plan devised by Her Majesty at the age of 95 is revolutionary and has a single, great purpose: to strengthen the monarchical institution after the last blow that the Sussexes have inflicted on it. The period is not easy for Elisabetta both on the public level, with the pandemic spreading, and on the private level with her husband Filippo, 99, who has been hospitalized for days and the worrying reaction of her son Carlo after he went to visit him . But the Sovereign does not stop and places the Crown above everything.

So, as the Daily Mail reports, the Queen's first move was to identify trusted members of the Royal Family and stake everything on them. Referred to as the "magnificent seven" by palace officials, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and Camilla, Princess Anne and Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex were tasked with creating a "united front" for the monarchy.

His Majesty wants to make a clean sweep, after Harry and Meghan have said goodbye to the Royal Family forever, and believes that the matter is now definitively over, sources report to the Mirror.

His decision to remove all titles and patronage from the Sussexes came after the couple confirmed their independence. This prompted the Queen to revoke them all positions and roles linked to the Monarchy because a "life dedicated to public service" is not compatible with the Sussex's new lucrative career in America.

The Buckingham Palace note came a month earlier than the Megxit's overhaul year ended. Elisabetta said she was saddened by the choice of grandchildren, expecting their second child, and confirmed that they will always remain "beloved members of the Family".

In addition to his military roles that he cared about, Harry had to relinquish the presidency of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, as well as the role of patron of the Rugby Football Union, the Rugby Football League and the London Marathon Charitable Trust. Perhaps the Prince did not expect such firmness from his grandmother who in recent months has held out her hand several times to make him return to the Court and he several times, despite, according to rumors, Harry is not completely satisfied with the new American life.

Meghan also has to give up something, the patronage of the Royal National Theater and the Commonwealth University Association, as well as the role of Vice President of the Commonwealth Trust. But Lady Markle has other projects in life and they are all related to Hollywood.

Elisabetta therefore focuses everything on the magnificent 7 with a special gaze aimed at the new generation, represented by Kate Middleton and William. And in the meantime he is preparing to give battle to Harry and Meghan Markle on television.

In fact, on 8 March Elizabeth with the Royal Family was supposed to take part in the Commonwealth Day celebrations in Westminster Abbey, but the ceremony was canceled due to the pandemic. The Sovereign, however, decided to address the nation with a speech on TV 24 hours earlier, that is, on March 7, the same day the truth-interview that the Sussexes gave their friend Oprah Winfrey should be broadcast.

Alongside Her Majesty there will also be Carlo and Camilla, William and Kate and Sophie from Wessex, sharing their views on the importance of relations with the British Commonwealth.

It is not yet known when the Queen's message will air, but it will be before Oprah's interview, which will air at 8pm Los Angeles time – 1am in the UK. The clash has added significance as last year's Commonwealth Service marked Meghan and Harry's latest engagement as senior members of the Crown.

In these hours, however, it has emerged that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's incendiary interview with Oprah Winfrey may need to be revised or even partially cut due to the rift it caused with the Royal Family and the hospitalization of 99-year-old Prince Philip.

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