DIY Christmas gifts: beauty ideas to pack under the tree

DIY Christmas gifts: beauty ideas to pack under the tree

Christmas is approaching, it's time for gifts and you have no ideas? Here are some to pack your beauty gift, handmade with love

This is sure to be a strange Christmas, with little opportunity to travel to buy gifts but with more time available to pack them at home. The beauty DIY Christmas gifts are very easy to make, useful and low cost and in this article we will see how to make different ones, for every taste.

Perfumed and moisturizing body scrub

Perhaps the simplest recipe is that of the body scrub, which we often prepare at home for ourselves, but which can become a useful gift idea, to be personalized with the addition of various ingredients. The basic ingredient is coarse salt, perfect for an energetic exfoliation of the body, even better if salt from the dead sea, with draining properties. In a container, add the coarse salt, sugar and a few tablespoons of sweet almond oil, with an elasticizing power. The quantities obviously vary according to the container and the number of scrubs to give, but you can adjust by eye for the consistency. Mix with a spoon, avoiding touching it with your hands, to avoid contaminating it.

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Then add a few drops of essential oil or some spice of your choice to perfume it: cinnamon, a pinch of ginger, clove powder and essential orange oil for a perfectly Christmas mix, rose and lavender for a floral and relaxing bouquet, mint and eucalyptus for a balsamic effect or have fun creating special fragrances. And to make it even more special, you can add small glitter for the body, for a bright touch, a few drops of food coloring to make the scrub colored or pieces of dried flowers (small, otherwise they will be too rough on the skin, perfect for example lavender ). Choose a glass container and decorate it with ribbons, dried flowers and a label with the date and contents written on it and the gift is ready!

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Lip scrub and balm, the winning combination for having them smooth and soft

Another idea is to prepare a scrub and lip balm duo, to be stored in small plastic or even better glass jars. To prepare the scrub, simply add a little sugar, shea butter or sweet almond oil and a couple of drops of food coloring, mix and place the mixture in the chosen jar. As for the lip balm, on the other hand, you will need a spoonful of shea butter, one of cocoa butter (found in herbal medicine, pharmacy or pastry), a few drops of sweet almond oil, 2/4 drops of essential oil for perfume it or a little vanilla essence and, if you want it colored, a drop or two of food coloring. Melt the two butters in a bain-marie and once liquefied, remove from the heat and add the other ingredients, mix and pour into the jar, wait for it to solidify and close it. Now you can pack the scrub and conditioner in a colorful bag and hang it on the Christmas tree, ready to be given as a gift.

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Homemade, natural, scented and customizable soaps

This is an easy gift idea to make, but also creative. To make homemade soaps, you will need to buy neutral and natural soap or use Marseille soap. From the soap, make flakes or cut it into small pieces, so that it dissolves more easily. Leave it in a bain-marie and in the meantime prepare the molds: you can use special ones or indulge yourself with the shapes, for example using silicone molds, with the most disparate shapes. Stars, hearts, flowers or you can create lots of small soaps using ice containers. Place dried flowers on the bottom, such as rose, lavender, mallow or chamomile petals. Once the soap has melted, remove it from the heat and now add essential oils to perfume it and a few drops of food coloring if you want to change its color. Remember to divide the soap in various containers if you want to make them of various colors and fragrances.

Before pouring the mixture into the molds, sprinkle a little alcohol inside them to prevent bubbles from forming. Pour the soap all at once if you want the flowers to be only on the bottom and top, if instead you want the flowers to be inside, pour a little, wait for it to solidify, insert other flowers and so on until you get to the end of the mold. Sprinkle the top with other petals and sprinkle the alcohol again. Once solidified you can pack them with ribbons and decorative dried flowers, and that's it.

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Bath salts, for those who love moments of pampering and relaxation

Bath salts are a very easy and low-cost idea for a beauty Christmas gift. Get some coarse salt and color it with food coloring to which you can also add a spoonful of vegetable glycerin for an emollient action. Let the mixture dry overnight, then add your favorite fragrance with essential oils, creating your own mix according to the person's tastes. Rose, relaxing lavender, energizing lemon and mandarin, mint and eucalyptus for extreme freshness or cinnamon, ginger, cloves and star anise for a spicy bath. Then transfer the created salts into airtight containers, to prevent them from getting damp or get some empty balls for the Christmas tree, in which you can also insert various mixes of salts whose colors and fragrances go well together. A particular thought and certainly less anonymous than the classic bath salts already packaged.

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Face mask kit, bowl, brush, clay, essential oil

For true beauty addicts, another welcome gift will be a kit to create your own face mask. Instead of buying ready-made ones, choose the various ingredients to compose it: purifying green, white or more delicate pink clay to be inserted in a bag or a decorated jar, one or two bottles of essential oil to enrich the mask, a wooden spoon and a bowl to prepare the mask. Put all the parts in a box or create a package with a colored bag, remembering to also create the label with the instructions to make the mask: a spoonful of clay, 2 drops of essential oil per type, add water to form a cream and spread on the face, leaving it to act for ten minutes. Attention, the mask must not dry on the face otherwise the skin will dehydrate.

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Scented, moisturizing and emollient hand cream

Creating a hand cream is also not that difficult, even if you need a few more ingredients. First, get some beeswax (in pharmacies or online), coconut oil (you can buy it in ethnic food stores), sweet almond oil and essential oils to perfume it or you can use cinnamon. Soften 4 tablespoons of beeswax in a double boiler and once softened add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and sweet almond oil. Then add the essential oils and continue mixing until the mixture is homogeneous and creamy. Now transfer the cream to the chosen container and wait for it to cool, then close it and decorate it as you like, even with glass colors.

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