DIY curls: how to curl your hair

DIY curls: how to curl your hair

Star with curly hair

All you need is a curling iron, a hair spray and some clips to obtain natural curls, if you want to vary your long and straight cut a little.

First of all get organized to perform this procedure the day after washing your hair: this is the ideal time for the curling effect to reach an optimal result.

And now get to work: first of all take a strand of hair near the nape of your neck and spray yourself with hair spray or a dry conditioner. With the curling iron, gradually take the treated locks and curl them for half the length, starting alternately from the bottom or the top, so that the curls obtained seem not perfectly regular and therefore more natural.

Proceed like this with the other locks, lowering the iron temperature every now and then. Put the curled hair aside by tying it with a clip: it will greatly facilitate the procedure.

If you have done a good job, the curls will last all day: if you have been very good, the duration can reach three days.
Watch the video with the instructions: Curl hair: long and straight hair

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