Do it cool? Here’s how with the less obvious shower positions

posizioni sotto doccia scontate

Not… the usual positions! Today we decided to tell you which are the positions in the shower that are not taken for granted: what do you say, will you try them immediately?

How many times have you tried to do it in the shower?

discounted shower positions

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With rising temperatures and frequent bathing in the sea, which end with a refreshing shower every afternoon, it is easy ogling the shower as a possible place for intimacy.
There is only one problem: you do it always in the itself position! (But don’t worry: we arrived).

Positions in the shower that are not obvious: here are the three best

We all know that, in the summer, making love can really become a lot complicated.

discounted shower positions

(source: Canva)

To make matters worse there routinewhich can sometimes really hurt intimate relationships, summer holidays that may come late and hot temperatures now make it impossible to do it in the shower.
Not because it’s bad but why becomes boring!

Actually, do it in the shower it can be a little complicated (Here because, here, we have given you all our tips to do it best).
Indeed, doing it in the water, in general, is not really a walk. luckily we are full of advice that can resolve the situation!
Certainly, however, since it is so complicated to do it in the water or in the shower, you often end up always assuming the same positions, the most comfortable and easiest ones.
What a beard and how boring, don’t you think?
Below we give you three positions below there shower that are not obvious: what do you say, will you try them?

The safest position

Slippery feet, soap, running water – doing it in the shower isn’t as simple as it might seem, is it?
Well, then let’s start from the safest position!

The penetrating partner sits at the bottom of the shower. The knees are placed on the ground and the legs folded under the buttocks.
From this position, placing your hands on your ankles, your partner leans back as far as possible and you, at this point, have the opportunity to kneel on him.
Obviously pose the knees to Earthnext to his legs, and lean back too.
Easy, very wet It’s really comfortable: this position is one of the least obvious in the shower and incredibly sensual!

The missionary… yoga

This position also provides that you have enough space to get you busy. If the shower is too narrow you can try it in the tub!
Of course you can also try it out of the shower: but with the water on, this position is certainly very interesting!

You lie down on the ground, exactly as if you were to replicate the missionary position. You are with the torso and head on the ground while the legs (from the buttocks onwards) are slightly raised.
The reason is that yours partner kneels in front to youremaining with the torso erect, and surrounds the waist with your legs.
Now you can get busy, safely and having fun!

Among the positions in the shower that are not obvious, we recommend that of the “razor”

No, don’t worry: you don’t have to pull out the razor really for this position!
The advice is to assume there position (as absurd as it is) that you always take when … you shave!

You know when you pull up a leg, resting it on the edge of something to shave the best?
Well, now do it but … to make love! With your leg raised, you can bend over and lean against the wall or edge of the shower or tub with your hands.
Your partner, now, just has to get busy: maybe don’t tell him it’s called the razor position, that’s it!

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