Do-it-yourself beauty treatments that are also good for the mood


It is the right time to give the skin of the body all the care and attention it needs to shine again. Beauty treatments that also have a positive effect on mood. “There is a strong link between mind and body,” he explains Maru GodasSpanish illustrator expert in natural cosmetics, who brought together her two talents in the book entitled 264199Beautiful by nature (€ 18, Terre di Mezzo Editore, photo on the right).

«Immersing the body in a hot bath and spreading scented creams is a sure source of well-being. As well as a way to make the skin softer ». It is a very easy, inexpensive and supergreen ritualif we follow the advice of Maru Godas. She is a staunch supporter of DIY cosmetics, for years it has been producing everything it needs at home. “Making yourself beautiful in this way does not pollute: my cosmetics have no preservatives, are biodegradable and packaging is reduced to a minimum”. If so, all that remains is to try to restore brightness to our skin.

Super effective scrubs with home ingredients

Our epidermal coat often faces spring with a dull and dull appearance, with thickened areas, especially at the level of the elbows, knees and heels. Where do we start if the mission is to improve texture and complexion? Give it ingredients than we women we all have in the kitchen, some of which are perfect for smoothing and nourishing the skin. “Excellent results are obtained using a mix of very finely ground whole sugar and argan oil as a scrub, smoothing and emollient sweet almonds or extra virgin olive oil if you have nothing else on hand. And to combat cellulite we can use coffee grounds instead of sugar. There caffeinein fact, it is one of the typical ingredients of anti-cellulite creams, as activates circulationand stimulates the metabolism. It is also great antioxidantwhich carries out an anti-aging action, to the full advantage of compactness and tone ”, says Maru Godas in her book full of curiosities.

Make your own beauty products yourself

Here are three simple recipes that will enrich your daily beauty routine: a hot bath that restores your balance, a moisturizing bar to massage on the body and a greedy balm to nourish the lips.

Cleopatra bath

In this version, donkey milk is replaced by kefir which brightens the skin because it interacts with the bacterial flora of the epidermis. In addition, honey is moisturizing, exfoliating oats, purifying clay and soothing essential oils.

Ingredients: ½ glass of milk e 125 g of kefir; 3 tablespoons of honey; 1 spoon of oatmeal; 1 spoon of white clay; 6 drops of lavender essential oil e 6 of geranium.

How you do it: mix all the ingredients and massage them all over your body before entering the tub. Soak with your eyes closed until the water begins to cool. Then rinse off the residues with a final massage.

Solid hydration

Solid cosmetics are by far the most ecological and practical: they are poured into silicone molds, those for muffins, and when they have solidified they melt on contact with the skin. These doses are for a bar the size of a bar of soap.

Ingredients: 42 g of cocoa butter, 12 g of almond oil; 12 g of shea butter; 4 g beeswax; 15 drops of vitamin E; 20 drops of essential oil of your choice.

How you do it: melt the chopped beeswax first in a bain-marie, then the other fats, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and continue stirring until it cools. Add essential oils and vitamin E, then refrigerate until solid.

Hot chocolate lips

A greedy lip balm that gives a lot of softness, a touch of color and a wonderful flavor of chocolate and cinnamon.

Ingredients: 6 g coconut oil; 5 g of shea butter; 5 g of almond oil; 5 g raw beeswax; 3 g cocoa butter; 2 drops of vitamin E (tocopherol); 1 teaspoon of cocoa; 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.

How you do it: dissolve all the ingredients in a double boiler except the vitamin E, stirring constantly. Let the preparation cool, add the vitamin E, mix and pour into a 30 ml sterilized glass jar. Let it cool, then close with the lid and put a label with the name of the recipe and the date.

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