Do pasta and potatoes never turn out well? That’s where you go wrong all the time

Do pasta and potatoes never turn out well?  That's where you go wrong all the time

Find out what are the mistakes you should never make with pasta and potatoes again. Your first course will be as good as you can.

Pasta and potatoes are among those first courses that have always been eaten, that make up a family and that taste like home. A dish that you will surely have found yourself wanting to replicate, sometimes with poor results.

pasta and potato mistakes

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Sometimes, in fact, there are mistakes that are made continuously and without realizing it and which can completely change the result of a dish. In the case of pasta and potatoes, the errors are really trivial and very easy to solve. For this reason, today we will explain which are the most common and how to get your perfect first course. The one to brag about to friends and family.

The mistakes you should never make with pasta and potatoes again

Loving pasta with potatoes is more than normal. It is after all a simple dish but rich in taste.

pasta and potato mistakes

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A real comfort food that can sometimes be pleasant to prepare with your own hands. Here, then, what to know in order not to fall into the most trivial traps. The result will surprise you.

Choose new potatoes

For a good dish of pasta and potatoes it is essential to use potatoes that are extremely tasty. To get the perfect recipe it is therefore important to choose old potatoes. The new ones and, even worse, those short stories, in fact, would not give the right flavor. An indispensable aspect to be able to enjoy a first course so good that it cannot be shared with the people you love.

Use only one size pasta

Yes, for a traditional pasta and potatoes, what needs to be done is to use the leftover pasta to mix together. Choosing only one format is therefore completely wrong and can ruin the dish. For this reason, if you are undecided, know that this is the correct way to proceed. And if you really don’t feel like throwing yourself into the mix of different pasta shapes, you can always buy a package designed specifically for the purpose.

Not using cheese crusts is one of the mistakes of pasta and potatoes

Nowadays we all use Parmesan cheese to season pasta. For the one with potatoes, however, it is essential to use the parmesan crusts. Just so you will be able to reach the right flavor at the same time obtaining that racy result that is really pleasant to taste. An effect that once you try it you will no longer be able to avoid.

Learning to recognize and understand these mistakes, exactly as happened with the mistakes you make with pasta and peas, will help you avoid putting them into practice. In this way, with a little practice you can achieve something good and truly unique. A dish to enjoy when you are in the mood for something good and to help you relax with the people you love.

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