Do you always have dry skin? Maybe it doesn’t depend (only) on the moisturizer

Do you always have dry skin?  Maybe it doesn't depend (only) on the moisturizer

The root causes of dry skin are not inadequate cosmetic treatments or insufficient hydration – metabolism is key!

When we dedicate ourselves to skin care we all too often tend to let ourselves be “seduced” by the product that promises miracles or by innovative cosmetics. This happens especially when, when you reach a certain age, we have really tried everything to solve our skin problems.

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What unfortunately many women ignore (and that cosmetic manufacturers are careful not to let us know) is that the root causes of skin problems are all linked to our metabolism.

For example, it is now common knowledge that abusing fatty foods with many sugars and preservatives bring up many pimples and pimples on our face and that it is quite difficult to send them away.

In the same way we know that adequately hydrate our body, drinking enough every day, it is essential to keep our skin beautiful and young.

What we don’t know, however, is that there is another way our metabolism has an extremely significant impact on the quality of our skin.

Slow metabolism is one of the main root causes of dry skin: what to do?

The word “metabolism” refers to the complex biochemical process through which our body is able to extract energy from ingested foods.

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If the metabolism is efficient, we are able to quickly transform food into energy, so we always feel full of strength. If, on the other hand, our metabolism is very slow and takes a long time to extract energy from food, we will feel weighed down, drained and often tired.

Obviously those with a slow metabolism tend to gain weight more easily, while those with a fast metabolism tend to maintain their healthy weight longer and more easily.

Another of the Symptoms induced by slow metabolism is dryness of the skin. It is not a temporary dryness, such as that caused for example by being exposed to the sun for too long or having washed with too aggressive detergents.

On the contrary, it is one permanent skin condition, which always appears absolutely dry, even with visible cracks on surface.

This is a particularly visible phenomenon on the legs and arms, but which of course affects the whole body and there as well face skin.

On a biological level it is the hormonal change linked to a lowering of the metabolism causing this specific problem.

This means that, for how many latest generation products can be purchased and used, to solve the problem of dry skin it is necessary to act on the metabolism.

It should be noted that from the age of 35 the metabolism begins to slow down inexorably, in both men and women, so it is normal for this problem to worsen with age.

There are, however dietary precautions that you can put in place for improve the speed of metabolism, feel better, lose weight and get more beautiful skin.

First of all it is necessary check your calorie intake that we ensure to our body over the course of a day. As paradoxical as it may seem eating too little or skipping meals slows down your metabolism and, in the long run, it will make us visibly fat.

Furthermore do moderate but constant physical activity it will be very useful to help the metabolism reactivate.

You don’t necessarily need to become a body builder or sign up for an aerobics class. It serves the other way around extreme consistency in carrying out a small daily workout.

Also drink the famous 2 liters of water a day it will allow to keep the organism always “awake and active”, with gods clear improvements on the skin.

In addition to this, of course, dry skin should always be treated with suitable products, carefully avoiding oil-based creams or even body oils.

Indeed, it is necessary to know that they are emollient (i.e. they soften the skin) but do not moisturize. Much better to opt for rather thick creams, preferably based on urea for body hydration, and hyaluronic acid serums for skin care.

In fact, hyaluronic acid is a truly miraculous product for women who cannot sufficiently moisturize the skin of the face, as it enhances the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and moisturizers.

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