Do you eat ham and melon in the summer? Be careful, there is a risk you are taking

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Ham and melon, despite being a typically summery pairing, should it be avoided? Here’s what you need to know.

Among the typically summer dishes ham and melon is a great classic. An appetizer that we can serve not only to open a lunch or dinner, but also perfect to offer as a single dish if we don’t want to weigh ourselves down.

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Practical and quick to prepare, ham and melon does not require cooking and is therefore an optimal solution when it is hot, since it does not require the lighting of ovens or stoves. Just slice the melon, peel it and serve it together with the ham.

In short, a recipe that does not require knowing how to cook. In the summer, raise your hand if you do not consume it. Although therefore such a famous pairing are we so sure that it is also healthy or would it be better to avoid it? Let’s find out.

Is it possible to consume ham and melon or would it be better to avoid it?

Among the fastest dishes and therefore consumed in summer, we undoubtedly find ham and melon, a pairing that many like and that often makes us lunch or dinner if we are in a hurry. To choose the right melon, discover the tricks here.

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But the question is: is the combination of ham and melon a healthy dish or should we avoid it? Meanwhile, the first question we ask ourselves concerns the calories. The problem with this pairing is not really that though. In fact, from a caloric point of view it is certainly a dish that does not undermine the diet. Here you can find out how much melon to eat on a diet.

In fact, analyzing it in detail, the melon provides only 33 calories per 100 grams of product, therefore, it is a low-calorie fruitwhile the ham, if we take into consideration the San Daniele which is lean, brings about 140 calories per 100 grams.

Adding everything together, suppose you put a pound of ham and 250 grams of melon on the plate, it is a dish that it provides only 220 calories. Therefore in terms of calories, it does not generate any kind of diet problem.

So why could it be a combination not recommended? The problem lies in the sodium and potassium intake.

In summer, when it is very hot, we are prone to lose a lot of fluids through sweat, which is why the body needs one increased amount of potassium. It regulates the functions of nerves and muscles, as well as heart rhythm and blood pressure, also helping to eliminate sodium.

This is why sportspeople should not have potassium deficiency, as well as those suffering from low blood pressure. But why does potassium become even more important in the summer? The reason is that sweating is lost.

To avoid a potassium deficiency it is equally important also reduce sodium intake. Therefore, in summer it is even more recommended to consume fruit and vegetables, both rich in potassium.

Not only that, it is also important avoid foods that contain a lot of sodium, just like the cold cuts and in particular the ham which is rich in it. The right sodium to potassium ratio should be 1: 2. That is, we must take twice the amount of potassium than sodium.

So then the combination of ham and melon is not really recommended since the ham cancels the benefits of the potassium that the melon contains. In practice, to have the right sodium potassium ratio you should eat 50 grams of ham and half a kilo of melon.

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