Do you follow a particular diet?

Do you follow a particular diet?

The beautiful presenter does not follow particularly restrictive diets and, in general, she dedicates little to cooking

Diletta Leotta, one of the most beautiful women in the world of entertainment, follow particularly restrictive diets? During the interview we did in the living room of her Milanese home for the exclusive #fattibella format with Diletta, we also asked her this question. What did you answer? Which generally does not follow them.

She also wanted to emphasize that when she is alone at home and has no parents from Sicily as guests (both very good at cooking), she does not devote much effort to cooking. He puts quite simple dishes on the table and, as always stated during the pleasant chat that took place in his living room overlooking one of the coolest districts of the Lombard capital, has an "almost empty" refrigerator. She also stressed that, fortunately, there are various food delivery services that allow you to receive food at home and that you use it often.

TV and radio host, influencer and co-host – together with other women from the world of TV and journalism – of the Sanremo Festival, Diletta Leotta is an example of how beauty is a mix of mother nature's generosity and daily commitment.

During the interview for our video format we asked her several questions about her beauty tricks, coming for example to discover that she loves the delicacies of her land – in particular the lasagna cooked by her mother Ophelia – and that she trains both with a personal trainer, either alone. Diletta Leotta, who sports a perfect body to say the least, tries to train at least 2/3 hours a week, work permitting.

As you know, the splendid Catania is engaged on several fronts and the time to dedicate herself to her beauty is not always sufficient in these cases. What matters, however, is to succeed, net of the often full agenda, to devote small cautions that lead to great results. A few examples?

Even just the fact of treating yourself to a regenerating and moisturizing mask at the end of the day helps a lot! What can we say about the attention to the constant hydration of the body (Diletta Leotta always carries a 1.5 liter bottle of water with her)? That these are choices that can make a big difference when it comes to caring for your beauty!

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