Do you gain weight from nervous hunger? The 5 summer foods that fill you up instantly (and don’t make you fat)

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Find out which are the five summer foods that will satisfy you with taste. Eating them will help keep you in line with taste!

Staying fit in the summer can seem difficult due to the need to change your diet. Due to the heat, the want to eat foods that are fresh and juicy and that at the same time give that hint of vacation that makes them even more appetizing. A problem that gets even bigger when you are on a diet and you find yourself with many foreclosed foods.

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Luckily, the range of existing foods is such that the situation is less problematic than you think. It is in fact possible to taste different foods with few calories and in any case able to meet the needs related to heat and the desire for summer. Today, therefore, we will give you five ideas to draw from to eat with taste and stay in shape.

The 5 summer foods that will help you stay fit

Being able to choose from so many foods that will satisfy you with pleasure can seem difficult. In fact, it takes very little to tap into some strategic summer foods and able to satiate while counteracting the need for food.

These are fruits or preparations which, among other things, are also quite simple to make. Thing that will help you meet your needs quickly and without having to spend too much time in the kitchen.

The watermelon

Let’s start with the quintessential summer food. Watermelon is rich in waterhas few calories and if eaten in the right quantities, despite being sugary, does not make you fat. It is therefore a food that you can also draw from every day and that will help you satiate yourself with taste and even counteract nervous hunger.

To do this, just enjoy a slice or maybe blend it with soy yogurt unsweetened. In this second way, thanks to the contribution of proteins and good fats contained in yogurt you will be able to obtain a refreshing and balanced snack to the point of not getting hurt. Alternatively, always to enjoy this fruit rich in beneficial properties in a balanced way, you could enjoy it in salad with cheese. In any case you will feel more than satisfied, refreshed and in full summer mood.

Greek yogurt with fruit

Another food that despite being suitable for all seasons can become summery if associated with seasonal fruit is Greek yogurt. In fact, tasting it cold and mixed with pureed fruit becomes an excellent snack. With chopped peaches it is excellent for breakfast while if you want to turn it into an ice cream to be enjoyed you can blend it with a banana (but apricots, plums or cherries are also good) and put it in the popsicle mold. Once frozen, it will become a dessert that is always ready to taste and excellent for satisfying you and satisfying you at the same time.

The coconut

Another summer food that you can taste in the right quantities to feel in the full summer mood is coconut. His milk it turns out to be pleasant and suitable for different preparations and to drink it always is refreshing and pleasant. Alternatively you can also enjoy coconut on its own. This way you will feel on vacation and satisfy your need to eat good things. Which, needless to say, will silence the possibility of experiencing nervous hunger attacks.

The pineapple

Have you ever tried the slice of pineapple on the stick? Eating it cold will make you feel on vacation and will satisfy you from all points of view. A nice and alternative way to taste a fruit which has always fought against water retention and which (unless you are allergic to nickel) will help you lose weight and fight extra pounds effortlessly.

The mango pudding

If you’re craving something exotic that takes you on vacation, mango pudding is as good as it gets. To make it, just blend the mango with a glass of skim milk and cook it all with a pinch of sweetener and a spoonful of starch. Within ten minutes you will have a delicious pudding and everything to taste. The perfect choice for a delicious snack or a tropical after dinner.

As you have seen, making summer snacks that are greedy and satiating at the same time is very simple. And with a little imagination you will be able to obtain different ones so as to vary often.

By doing so, and following the tips to get deflated to the swimsuit test, even the diet will be much easier to follow and will give you a way to live your summer with greater lightness and fully enjoying the goodness of seasonal food.

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