Do you have broad shoulders? Here’s how you can enhance them with the right clothes

Do you have broad shoulders?  Here's how you can enhance them with the right clothes

If you have broad shoulders, you would like to enhance them, but you don’t know how to do it, you are in the right place. Here are a few simple rules that will help you turn them into a strength.

Let’s start immediately by saying that broad shoulders they are by no means a defect, on the contrary, they are a characteristic like so many others.

Wide shoulders enhance

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Women who have it usually have the so-called most of the time reverse triangle shape namely broad shoulders and narrow hips.

There are also many sports who have this type of physicality. Especially swimmers tend to develop the upper body a lot (Federica Pellegrini is the prime example).

According to some, having broad shoulders gives women the typical strong, gritty, casual allure.

But we know that they can also be very sexy, especially if exalted at the right point.

So how can you make the most of broad shoulders? Here are a few simple rules to follow to always be on top.

How to enhance broad shoulders in just a few steps

Valuing broad shoulders is possible and it is also very easy, certainly much more so than you think.

Wide shoulders enhance

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In this regard, here are the best clothes to enhance any type of body.

The first thing to do is playing with colors. How to do? Using dark and opaque shades in the upper part of the body and light and vivid shades in the lower part. This will draw attention to the lower body and minimize the shoulders.

A trick? To use color blocking. By choosing complementary and contrasting colors you will only deceive the gaze of those who see you, appearing more slender.

There is also the question of fantasies that we cannot overlook. Prints yes, prints no? Prints bo, in the sense that they are not always good, but it depends on the ones we choose.

For example, try to opt for very small details, such as mini patterns and not too flashy colors, at least for the upper body.

The most important thing of all anyway is to preserve the proportions, as we anticipated. That’s why we should play between the top and bottom not only with colors, but also with shapes and fabrics.

How to do? For example, wearing tight garments on top and loose garments – or in any case with large, very colorful, patterned lines – below.

What should our must-haves be? Palazzo pants, full skirts, pleated skirts and all that gives a little volume, but without exaggerating.

We should indeed avoid oversized garments, which tend to enlarge and not to highlight the right shapes.

At this point let’s move on to the neckline: which one to choose? Not everyone looks good on those with broad shoulders.

No to boat necks that emphasize the shoulders even more. Yes, on the other hand, with V-shaped or U-shaped necks, which visually lengthen the figure and therefore make it less “wide” and more slender.

Likewise, beware of collars of jackets, shirts, blazers and so on. In this case it’s all a question of proportions, so keep in mind that the wide ones are fine, but the mini ones tend to accentuate the width of the shoulders and therefore should be avoided.

Same thing for jackets with shoulder pads, too many details, applications and so on: they just add where we would actually like to remove.

So we avoid garments with overly padded sleeves (or anything that adds fabric).

We prefer, for example, of course when the climate allows it, a nice kimono, trendy, elegant, sophisticated. In this case, in fact, the fabric is very light and therefore also lightens our figure.

Let’s move on to t – shirts, essential items in every woman’s wardrobe. They are great and we can wear them whenever we want, but it would be better choose one that has the sleeves with a diagonal hem and not a horizontal one, that widens.

We try to be careful, however, in general – referring to all types of shirts – not to choose too short and narrow sleeves and, above all, we should forget about the cap ones.

Which one to prefer? Sweaters in not too tight fabrics and sleeves that do not tighten too much, like those raglan, just to give an example.

Yup a top with peplum, that is, those narrow in the upper part, but which then widen under the breast, because they give the figure balance and symmetry.

What instead we should avoid are the turtlenecks, too double scarves, too flashy necklaces and anything that draws attention to the upper body.

Then there is a trick that can be used especially by women who have broad shoulders and who are not very tall. It is simply a matter of opting for a midi heel, which elongates the figure just enough to make it more harmonious.

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