Do you have hand dermatitis and don’t know what to do? Here is the trick to prevent it

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Have you got dermatitis on your hands but you don’t know how to treat it? With our help you will be able to prevent it.

How many of us always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer to be used at every possible occasion, especially in the last period.

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If you are also among these people, you know how these products are can dehydrate Skin. Obviously, it is always better to sanitize our hands when it is deemed necessary.

How best to avoid hand dermatitis

If we can’t help but use hand sanitizer, it is preferable to find one that does not dry out our skin drastically and that it does not cause any kind of irritation or dermatitis. For this reason we have decided to give you some valuable advice on how to best treat dermatitis and possibly prevent it.

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First of all, however, let’s understand what hand sanitizer is. The latter is used because it is able to kill germs thanks to the presence of alcohol. Many of these products typically consist of at least the 70% alcohol isopropyl (the amount needed to kill germs and viruses), but many tend to reach 90%. Although they are formulas that help us eliminate bacteria, they can cause dehydration.

Look for hand sanitizers with ingredients that don’t dry out

To find the right ones to prevent dryness and therefore a possible hand dermatitis, let’s discover together the ingredients on which to focus our attention. We advise you to opt for the calming and soothing ingredients. These will in fact protect the hydration of the hands and prevent the development of dermatitis. This is the case, for example, of glycerin because it acts as a humectant, helping the skin to retain moisture, or aloe vera, which soothes irritated skin.

Always carry a moisturizer with you to prevent dryness after using the disinfectant

Even when choosing more moisturizing hand sanitizers, there is always a risk of dryness due to the high alcohol content. For this reason, we suggest that you reapply a moisturizer oftenespecially after sanitation, possibly containing some emollients to retain moisture. This is extremely important for the prevention of itching, eczema and redness. If you are unable to control dryness with frequent moisturizing and moisturizing products, then you can resort to a cortisone cream.

To prevent hand dermatitis, use washing rather than disinfectant

As you can imagine, it is preferable to wash your hands rather than constantly using disinfectant. Although soaps can be dry, they typically don’t contain as much alcohol and are considered more mild cleaning agents. In any case, even if you can wash your hands, never jump applying a moisturizer immediately after washing, when the skin is still damp.

This helps retain water and rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier. As for the choice of cream, opt for a denser formula that is able to penetrate the skin and create a strong barrier against irritants. If you are not near a sink, the hydration routine remains the same. Except, instead of applying moisturizer while your hands are still wet with disinfectant, let the disinfectant dry completely before adding another product.

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