Do you have narrow shoulders? Here’s what you could wear in spring

Indossare spalle strette primavera

If you have narrow shoulders and don’t know what you might be wearing this spring, here are some tips that might come in handy.

Narrow shoulders – just like broad and imposing ones – they are absolutely not to be considered a defect.

Wear tight spring shoulders

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I’m a feature like many others. But there is one thing: when the upper part is tiny, the risk is that it is not perfectly proportional to the lower one.

The result? An asymmetrical physique and hips that optically appear wider than they really are.

That’s why you have to be careful about what you wear: in this way we can subvert our image and look much more proportionate just by choosing the right outfit.

For this reason we get to the bad news and then move on to the good ones: they are there some items you should do away with from your wardrobe.

You should, because the final choice is always yours alone and you still have to opt for outfits that make you feel comfortable.

But if you have narrow shoulders you should at least use some clothing sparingly.

Which? Tank tops, for example, that highlight the upper body. Or too loose skirts, because they widen the lower part creating further disproportions.

Likewise, also tops and sweaters that are too tight, narrow and very thin belts at the waist they could highlight the width of the shoulders, which we want to camouflage instead.

Also no to excessive fantasies at the top, that draw the eye precisely in the area that we do not want it to stand out.

Also too obvious contrasts could make your shoulders stand out, but if you choose them try to opt for dark colors above and lighter ones below.

Having said that, let’s move on to the fundamental and decidedly more beautiful part: which garments should we choose instead? Here’s what you should wear in spring if you have narrow shoulders.

What to wear in spring when you have narrow shoulders

Once shoulder pads were in fashion: they were used everywhere, under clothes, jackets and so on and so forth.

Wear tight spring shoulders

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They will probably never be as popular as they once were – even if they have never been forgotten and we can still find them around today – but if you have narrow shoulders for you they are perfect.

They create volume where there isn’t, therefore increase your upper body making your figure much more homogeneous.

They are great for the same reason also the curls on the shoulders, the applications on the same (like the studs, just to name one).

If you decide to use a business suit, remember that the jacket can become your best ally, but only if you choose the right one for you: it will help you broaden your shoulders, but only if you choose a double-breasted cut.

Generous necklines will also look great, especially when worn with push up bras.

These perform more or less the same task as the shoulder pads and that is they increase the natural size of your body where it should be increased.

Also vests, blazers, cardigans they may be for you, but remember the secret is one: dress in layers.

This causes the volume to increase by itself, so you can opt for the garments you want, because at that point it will be the sum that determines the result.

Yes too to embellished T-shirts – or sequins and whatever lights up – along the neckline. This way you will draw the eye to that area and not to the shoulders.

Likewise, you favor shirts with wide sleeves, which increase the size of the arms and give you the illusion of creating more symmetry.

You do beware, however, of shirts that are too long (i.e. that exceed the hips), or too short (i.e. crop tops): in both cases, your hips will appear wider, so consequently the natural disproportion will increase dramatically.

Likewise, be careful to pants that are too tight – such as skinny ones – than to those that are too baggy. In both cases the legs will seem wider and therefore the effect will be exactly like the one we just talked about.

Instead, opt for straight trousers in light fabric, or the soft ones (like those in jersey, just to give an example). Among other things, in this period they are perfect, because they are also quite fresh.

For evenings when the spring breeze takes over the first heat waves e you want to wear a scarf, go ahead, but know that you should roll it up on your chest, to make the whole area appear larger visually.

Which shades to opt for? Those on, because they enlarge, or white, which has the same effect.

If, on the other hand, you have broad shoulders, here’s what you could wear to enhance them.

In any case, the good news is that very few tricks are enough to be able to change the perception we have of our figure.

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