Do you have strong calves? Wear these garments to enhance them

indossare polpacci robusti

If you have sturdy calves and you want to make sure they don’t stand out from the outfit, here’s what you could wear to be able to enhance them in the right way.

One of the features – attention, features, not defect – most hated by women, are the stout calves.

wear sturdy calves

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Women often believe that make their legs not very feminine, because they are not tapered enough and they believe that there is no remedy either to slim them or to camouflage them with the outfit.

In reality both theses are very wrong: first of all, everything can improve, every part of our body.

The same rule applies to sturdy calves too: it’s not true that, as many women think, going to the gym means getting them even bigger. On the contrary, by doing the right exercises you can see a clear improvement in a short time.

The first thing to do is tone up, not thicken. That is to do light weight exercises and long repetitions.

A few examples? A fast walking, running, pedaling. But if you don’t want to – or can’t for some reason – train in the open air, you can also dedicate yourself, for example, to spinning, to the new, to hydrobike (which is as if it were a cross between the two sports).

Obviously at this you should add a balanced diet. Avoid all very salty foods, which retain liquids. Yes, on the other hand, to natural draining agents, such as asparagus, spinach, grapefruit, just to name a few.

Yes also to the starchy foods, but with a low glycemic index. A few examples? Barley, spelled, quinoa.

That said, we can certainly improve the appearance of our legs with physical activity and balanced nutrition, but in the meantime, what can we wear to enhance strong calves?

Here’s what to wear if you have sturdy calves

There are so many items that we can wear to enhance robust calves and often this way we can also give life to really trendy outfits, thus combining business with pleasure.

wear sturdy calves

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An example is the long skirt, which therefore covers most of the calves (in some cases even all), putting them in the background.

It may seem trivial, but in this case length is everything: no to midi lengths, which paradoxically cut the calf in half and make it even more prominent.

Instead, you will need something that can hide the thickest area.

You might then think about betting on too a particular fantasy. An example? The maxi boho dress.

This type of dress, in fact, is perfect since the whimsical patterns generally draw attention to the complex rather than to specific areas of the body.

At that point, you can also easily indulge in flat shoes, because the dress will show almost nothing, so you will have nothing to slim down.

Likewise, even the full skirt – but also the dress – is perfect: it is about the same length as the previous one and, above all, this one is even wider.

Its particular shape – narrow above and wide below – means that the attention is drawn to the upper area, therefore to the breasts, shoulders, arms and instead the eye does not reach right on the legs, buttocks, calves.

You could try to wear it with heels: now that we are in summer you could lean towards sandals for example or mules with heels.

But beware: unlike what you think stilettos don’t look so slim. I’m very better the wider heels, which give greater balance to the proportions. Alternatively, wedges, which are also much more comfortable, will do just fine.

And again, you might as well opt for a dress with side slit. “But you can still see a leg”, you think. Yes, but the cut of the dress in itself visually lengthens, then if you combine this with a neckline, all the looks will go on the upper part of the body and not on the lower one.

And then, who said you have to give up mini skirts and short dresses? One trick is to choose a semi-transparent dress, so that it becomes from the thigh down (and maybe even on the arms if they are not uncovered).

In this way you can play on the see – I don’t see, treat yourself to a very sexy outfit anyway and play with transparencies.

If you want to wear jeans, you could choose paw ones: these are in fact tightened on the thigh and then widen right in the lower part, that is right in correspondence with the calves.

This way you can safely wear jeans without emphasizing the lower legs.

Similarly, too the palazzo trousers will have the same effect, as well as cargo.

In short, there are so many garments to wear to enhance robust calves, you just need to know how to look for them.

If you have a sturdy whole leg on the other hand, here’s what you can wear to make it look slimmer.

In any case, it takes very little to change the perception of one’s appearance thanks to the outfit.

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