Do you have thin hair? Here's what to do and what not to do

Do you have thin hair? Here's what to do and what not to do

Thin hair is particularly delicate and sensitive, so they need some extra attention. Here's how they should be treated.

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Do you have thin hair? Be careful how you treat them, they risk losing volume and body very easily. Let's see what are the behaviors to keep and those to avoid.

Which products to use?
Thin hair tends to flatten out and get dirty very easily, to prevent this from happening and it is good to choose specific products: no shampoos that are too creamy and frothy, better a mild, light, not very dense shampoo, without parabens, without silicones, without sulfates and other substances that irritate the scalp. Attention also to the balm, if you really don't want to do without it, choose it with a light consistency, or apply it before shampooing instead of later or again only on the tips if they are weak. Volumizing and styling products can be useful to obtain the desired effect, but pay attention to the quantities to avoid the risk of having the opposite result.

No plate and electric brushes
Avoid plates, electric brushes and curling irons, otherwise you risk overloading them. Much better to use only a hair dryer (preferably without directing the air from the top down on the roots to escape the ultra flat effect) and manual brushes or possibly curlers. A trick to give volume, is to remove the nozzle of the hair dryer and direct the air jet on the roots by moving the hair with your hands or dry them upside down.

The right cut
It is better not to keep them too long, they flatten out even more and they are hair that tends to get damaged, so it is difficult to look like a healthy and strong hair. Even the even and scaled cuts are not particularly suitable. Medium or short cuts are certainly more congenial.

Feed and protect
Fine hair must be nourished and protected. Although it is preferable not to treat it with too many products to avoid weighing it down, once every two weeks it is good to make a compress or mask to reinforce and nourish them. If you plan to expose yourself to the sun then, don't forget to protect them with a sunscreen.

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