Do you know what hobbies make you smarter?

Do you know what hobbies make you smarter?

From sports to reading, here are those that increase our mental and mental faculties

Not only are you born intelligent, but you can also become one. Of course, don't expect miracles, but some hobbies can really increase our mental and mental faculties. An example, which seems trivial but which has been confirmed by scientific research, is reading. In fact, it seems that reading (no matter what) reduces stress, making us feel better about ourselves and increasing intelligence. Reading can provide us with valuable help in solving problems and identifying models, but above all in better understanding others.

But be careful not to exceed! A side effect of reading too much is the amount of time that forces us to spend sitting and which could prevent the brain from functioning in the best way. Better then to take some time for a regular sport. Whether it's running, cycling or swimming, it doesn't matter: regular training has been shown to supply the cells with a protein called BDNF, which helps memory, learning, concentration and understanding.

For those with an artistic streak, it might be a good idea to learn to play an instrument. This activity allows the brain to create new connections, with effects on manual skills, memory and problem solving. Handwriting also promotes the development of intelligence, keeping the brain trained, improving the organization of thinking and facilitating learning.

Traveling, with all the stimuli it offers, helps the brain to stay young and active, and frees the mind of stress. The trip can also be an opportunity to learn new languages: it is proven that knowing at least two of them helps the brain to carry out demanding activities and helps to focus attention and monitor one's environment.

Meditation reduces stress levels and alleviates worries but not only: it improves learning and strengthens mind control. Puzzles, puzzles and similar activities have a similar effect: in addition to allowing us to pass the time, they have the advantage of alleviating anxiety and depression and of increasing learning and memorization skills.

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