Do you know what is the accessory that cannot be missing in your looks? The headband!

Do you know what is the accessory that cannot be missing in your looks?  The headband!

The headband is absolutely the accessory that cannot be missing in your summer and spring outfits. But how is it worn? And above all, which model to choose? Here is the CheDonna style guide that will answer all your questions!

In a 2022 where fashion is so colorful and sparkling, accessories find fertile ground to fill our looks. S.there are many models of accessories that we will have to wear in spring and summer to keep up with trends: crafted bags, maxi earrings and eye-catching necklaces. But the accessory that most of all is depopulating in fashion this season there is only one: il hair band! Have you never worn it? And then find out how to do it, here on CheWoman!

Accessories Headband

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Over the past two years fashion has changed abruptly, also because of the events that have affected the entire world population.

In fact the 2021 was characterized by a minimal fashion, made of neutral and monochromatic shades and basic and comfortable clothingi, in line with the needs of the population.

Instead all the 2022 luxury brand collections were filled with colors, worked fabrics and details, patterns and above all accessories. For a couple of years we had completely removed them from our outfits, but now it’s time to give ourselves crazy joy!

For examplethe accessory that absolutely must not be missing in our summer and spring looks is the hair band! To combine with our looks and our make-up!

Do you want to know which one to choose and how to combine it? Let’s find out together!

The headband is the accessory that must not be missing in our trendiest looks. To choose colorful and eye-catching!

Even if we have never worn it in our life, we must think of the headband not only as a trendy accessory, but a real life saver! It will give tone and vitality to our face even if our hair is not exactly in order!

Accessories Headband

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see the models of trendy headbands for 2022:

  • colored satin: the solid color models in satin fabric are definitely among the easiest to use. Choose them in fashion colors, such as blue, pistachio green or pink. Obviously match them with your looks. It will be the icing on the cake of your outfit.
  • tall and terry: one of the most particular models of this year is the spongy headband, which when worn remains eye-catching and immediately effective. Considering its already demanding shape, this headband model can also be chosen in the complexion. The accessory must give you light, not turn you off!
  • stones, glitter and glitter: finally we find the hair bands composed of colored stones, beads or glitter. For a romantic and princely style. By the way, the lace bralette is the sexy garment of the moment. Can you wear it?

Headband accessories

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The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman who saw the headband as the protagonist!

See you at the next style guide, to stay updated on all the news in terms of fashion, society and much more!

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