Do you know what you need to eat and drink during your period to avoid gaining weight?

cosa mangiare per non ingrassare ciclo

During your period you inevitably gain weight, but there are foods you can eat to avoid gaining weight (ie bloating)!

Many women feel very swollen and heavy during your period. In some cases you can even gain several kilos of weight almost from day to night!

what to eat in order not to gain weight


However, we must know that this weight and body mass gain is perfectly natural and it happens to all women even if at different levels.

The weight gain during the cycle is due to a number of consequences of hormonal changes that the female body experiences.

During the cycle we have very high progesterone levels which stimulate the appetite and therefore induce us to eat more. In fact, it is no coincidence that we experience in the premenstrual phase an increased appetite and many food cravings, including junk food, that we don’t normally have.

Also, as soon as the cycle begins, i serotonin levels plummet due to the lowering of estrogen levels. The lowering of serotonin has bad consequences on our mood. We feel low and low, so we are more likely to “console” us with sweet foods and tubs of ice cream.

Finally, we must not underestimate the very strong water retention that we develop in the days just before the cycle. Obviously, if we eat junk food, therefore very salty, we promote retention and end up feeling even fatter and more swollen.

What are the strategies to be adopted to avoid this small monthly disaster?

What to eat (and what not) to avoid gaining weight during your period

As we have seen our eating behaviors during the cycle are influenced by our hormone levels.

do not gain weight cycle


First of all therefore it is essential not to feel guilty if you want to eat more. Feeling guilty makes us stress and cortisol (the stress hormone) makes us swell even more!

During the five days of the menstrual cycle it will therefore be it is essential to drink plenty of water (even two or three liters per day) for counteract water retention.

Another smart strategy is taking diuretics for a couple of weeks, that is the one just before the period and that of the menstrual cycle. In this way we will help our body to get rid of excess fluids.

It will also be crucial eating naturally diuretic foods, so fennel, lettuce, pineapple, watermelon.

For satisfy the desire for sweet without exceeding the calories you can invent them greedy snacks but with a reduced calorie intake.

The ideal is use cold plain yogurt from the fridge as a base for preparing tasty cups of “fake ice cream”. It will be enough to combine fruits such as bananas and strawberries, abundant spoonfuls of yogurt, dark chocolate chips, cereal flakes to give a little crunchiness. But what if you really want a good ice cream? Then a fruit ice cream, like the classic strawberry and lemon, they are perfect: thirst-quenching, sweet and low in calories.

An excellent alternative are smooties and milkshakes, such as apples and oats, perfect for deflating the belly.

Naturally, the craving for salty will make itself felt: to counter it in an intelligent way, you can opt for salty snacks with less than 100 calories that will not have too negative an impact on the diet.

Finally, to keep mood swings under control and avoid pouring out all our unhappiness on food, it is enough to rely on a really fundamental ally for our well-being during the menstrual cycle: the based supplements magnesium.

They will make us feel less tired and less fatigued, they will stabilize our mood and expose us much less to the risk of the very dangerous attacks of uncontrolled hunger!

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