Do you like him in command? Here are the positions to try in bed

posizioni intime lui in comando

How about trying our intimate positions to keep him in command? If you like your partner to “control” you under the sheets, these positions are for you!

Obviously if he is in command we only mean the brief (or not so much) period of an intimate relationship!

intimate positions him in command

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Today we decided to try to analyze what intimate positions could be that have the advantage of making you feel… submissive.
Hey, in bed it’s all a game and so if you are happy to try these positions they could give you a lot of fun!

Intimate positions with him in command: here’s how to awaken your submissive side

Have you ever thought that you might enjoy getting caught the command to your partneronce in a while?
If the answer is yes, intimate positions with him in command are here to help you.

intimate positions him in command

(source: Canva)

Sometimes, in fact, it can happen to wanting the partner to be more “active” and dominant during an intimate relationship.
To help him, then, you could think of trying some positions together… really hot!
These positions assume that you are the “dominated” and thus ensure a certain level of role play that you may or may not like. However, the idea is to try and have fun!

Then you want to know what kind of positions are those with him in command?

Well open and spaced

Oh yes, let’s talk about the legs! For this position we recommend using an external object: you could try with a rope or with one of those tools designed specifically to be tied to the ankles and keep them apart.
(Like in the gym, only this time the slack will be… whole body!).

Find a way to make your legs “forced” to stay open, at the distance you prefer.
Of course, apart from a long chat about the consent (which we have told you extensively here, so that you know why it is vital to deal with it), also establish a safety word with your partner. Using a tool that keeps your legs apart can get uncomfortable after a while!
Now that you are tied up and you have the legswell open and spaced apart”You are at the full mercy of your partner. What will it do to you?

Squat… without too much effort

Another of the intimate positions with him in command is that of the squat but quiet: you won’t have to exercise too much!
The idea is to have your partner kneel on the floor (or on the bed if you are more comfortable). You, from behind and standing in front of him, slowly lower yourself until you get… in a squat position!

At this point, instead of getting up and down on your knees, stay down and move just enough for the relationship to begin.
While you are busy in these movements, the partner has his hands free and can “subdue” you as he prefers!

Intimate position with him in command: how about trying this?

This position is one of those that can really get you going!
You are lying (where you prefer) and you let that let your partner decide what to do with you and how to do it: The game only works if you promise not to move and say and do nothing!
Let’s say your partner has to get busy here!

He can tie your hands if he prefers to be sure you won’t move, or simply set “punishments” for any broken rule.
In any case, as soon as you have established all your rules, the partner begins to whisper to you first what he will do to you and, then, to get down to business.
(To get him to train, we recommend that you also read this article where we explain why it is important to know how to “whisper” under the sheets “).
The excitement will be sky high but remember: you can’t do or say anything!

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