Do you need to cut costs? Here are 10 tricks to save money

If you are looking for a way to save, know that you are in the right place. Indeed, below we offer you not just one, but ten.

Saving money in this historical period is a bit of everyone’s desire, let’s face it.

Save method

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With inflation, prices have skyrocketed. The bills are very high, many foods cost much more than before, gasoline has reached a price never seen before.

And so every month we find ourselves doing the accounts in our pockets and realizing that we have spent too much.

The positive fact is that anyway if we want we can find ways to spend less.

There is no single way to save, there are many. Here are 10.

Are you looking for a way to save? Here are 10

There is no single way to save, but there are so many, even if it is not always easy to put them into practice.

Save method

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One trick is to not use Wi – fi, but the phone hotspot. In fact, we know that the connection at home has a cost (obviously), which must be added to what we spend on telephone top-ups and offers that guarantee us a good connection.

Notwithstanding that, even for the home network, we can find quite advantageous prices, if we can spend zero, why not take advantage of it?

We can give a practical example. The connection at home costs on average between 20 and 25 euros per month. However, we all use mobile phones (and we need them for obvious reasons), so we are likely looking for offers.

There are operators, for example, that at the same average price allow you to have unlimited internet, free calls and messages, which is obviously very convenient especially for those who use the phone for work and have to call often.

Let’s think of two different options. In the first case, we make two separate subscriptions, so we have to spend on average between 40 and 50 euros. In the second, however, we can count on a single connection that will make us spend around 20 – 25 euros per month, but which we can use both inside and outside our home.

Obviously it is clear that in the second case we save a lot, so much so that in one year we can save even 250 – 300 euros.

The second method consists when buying second hand. The so-called second hand fashion is gaining ground more and more: everywhere – both on the internet and in physical stores – in fact we find used clothes.

This has a double benefit: on the one hand we can save money (and often not a little), on the other we can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. This is because we avoid that the garments produced and not used end up in landfills and in this way not too many products will be produced.

The third way to save at home is watching TV always focusing on free entertainment, or in any case looking for offers.

How to do? There are several ways. It being understood that TVs have always had completely free channels, we can also take advantage of, for example, free trial periods of various channels.

Since these last for obvious reasons a limited time, after this we can buy whole packages that allow us to save.

Subscribing to Netflix, Sky, Amazon Prime and so on and so forth makes us spend a lot, but if we find joint offers we can spend much less every year.

If you want to know which ones are the most profitable on the market, here is our guide.

The fourth way to save in doing physical activity at home or outdoors. Gym subscriptions, in fact, cost at least 50 euros per month (in some gyms they can even reach 100).

If you need specific workouts, obviously it is always good to contact a personal trainer, but if you just need to move a little and you are not a lover of weights, then the best solution is to train at home using what you have, or at the open air.

The fifth way to save is to read books in digital format. Here there is little to add: these cost very little.

On average, their price is around 3 – 4 euros, but some can cost even less and then you can also find completely free ones on the web.

Another way to save is trying to cook at home as much as possible, thus avoiding going out for lunch and dinner often.

And precisely in this regard, another solution comes into play in order not to spend too much: to do shopping only when it is really necessary.

If you already have a full pantry at home, does it really make sense to go to the supermarket and buy superfluous dishes, which you may not even eat and will remain there to take up space or, even worse, will you have to throw away?

The best thing would be to go shopping only when you really need something and can’t do without it.

Then there is another method to save that many women may not appreciate 100%, but which can be useful: cure hair in the house. Where is it by “cure” we mean everything, from simple shampoo, to color, passing through the cut.

Obviously this solution is not suitable for all women: for example, there are those who need a clean cut (in the literal sense of the term) and would not know where to start at home.

However, if your aim is to trim your hair just a little, just arm yourself with scissors and a ruler (to be sure not to cut your hair asymmetrically) and the game will be done.

Likewise, if you just need to cover gray hair, or regrowth, or just want to change your hair color, you can go to the supermarket and buy a DIY dye.

In the latter case, be very careful to evaluate whether your starting color is suitable for welcoming the new one, because the risk is that in the end you will not be satisfied and that you must therefore necessarily go to the hairdresser and do even expensive treatments to return to yours. natural color.

Then there is another way to save that more and more people are adopting: use the water filter.

In this way you will no longer have to buy even very heavy crates to carry, but you can simply purify the water you already have at home.

Finally, the last piece of advice – which may seem trivial, but it is not at all – is to use everything you have in the house.

Recycling and reuse can become the watchwords in your life: just put in a little imagination and creativity and you’re done.