Do you really know what semi-permanent nail polish is?

Do you really know what semi-permanent nail polish is?

Semi-permanent nail polish, one of the most recent revolutions in the world of aesthetics, is conquering thousands of women. Let's find out what benefits it offers

Who has never loved having well-groomed hands and nails? And what better tool than enamel? It allows us to be creative but at the same time tidy. However, normal nail polish only lasts a few days: we women rarely use our hands, and just a moment to ruin the carefully applied nail polish. How to solve this problem then? One answer is surely to resort to a semi-permanent enamel which, if applied correctly, resists perfectly for about three weeks. But how exactly does it work?

It is not a normal nail polish but not even a gel used for nail reconstruction, to be honest, we could very well define it as a mix between the two. Very easy to spread, it has a decidedly longer life than that of a common enamel and is usually present on the market with many varieties of colors. Moreover, unlike a nail reconstruction, the drafting of this type of product can easily take place at home, it is enough to have a UV lamp and a little patience!

Here's what you need to get a perfect manicure at home. First of all, as already mentioned, a UV lamp is needed that will allow the enamel to dry. They will then serve a base gel, a fixing gel and of course the colored gel. Finally, never forget to buy a suitable product to remove the nail polish. The cost for the purchase of all the necessary equipment varies from about forty to sixty euros. Thinking that a permanent enamel treatment in a certain aesthetic can cost from 15 to 35 euros, making us the manicure at home we could have a considerable savings!

But to whom is this treatment suitable? First, the nails must be long enough and you must not suffer from onychophagia (ingesting the nail polish applied to the nails could prove to be harmful to health). If you do not love, then, the typical crowning that leaves the reconstruction of the nails, it is advisable to apply a layer of semi-permanent nail polish. Finally, if it is feared that filing of nails that precedes the treatment of the reconstruction could ruin them, better to rely on this procedure.

We also remember that some side effects may occur following the application of semi-permanent nail polish: some allergic reactions can be quite common, in addition to the fact that, however, the nails will be subjected to a stress, due to the use of cutters and files for the removal of the enamel itself.

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