Do you recognize the actor behind this graying bum?

Do you recognize the actor behind this graying bum?

He was never a true sex symbol, but in his early days, 20 years ago, he was not bad at all: slender physique and regular features. Today, at 53, he looks really aged …

Feathers on the head and heavy makeup. We challenge you to recognize it

Star yesterday and today in comparison: sometimes it is difficult to recognize them. Because for some the passage of time has been benevolent: of course or with the help of the scalpel their appearance has even improved. But for others it was merciless. Often due to vices or lack of self-care, today they demonstrate even more than their age and it is difficult to recognize in those weighted and ugly figures the sex symbols they have been.

The first of the gallery has never been a real sex symbol, thanks to his "rubber face", an exaggerated mimicry and the comic roles that have always relegated him to the "those who make people laugh" category. Yet at the beginning, twenty years ago, it was not bad. Regular features, lean and slender physique. Today, at 53 years old, with an uncultivated and gray bum, he looks really aged. Even if the lively and smiling eyes are always those of Ace-Ventura / Jim Carrey!

This is the case of Mickey Rourke, true sex symbol of the 80s and 90s, the times of Rusty the savage, 9 1/2 weeks, The Year of the Dragon, Angel Heart, Johnny the Beautiful, just to name a few of the his successes. Then retired from the cinema to cultivate his true passion, the boxing that literally destroyed his face. Rourke has undergone several surgeries to recover some of his charm and delicate features, but the result, combined with alcohol and drug abuse, has been devastating. The merciless images of recent years are proof of this.

We bet that it will not be difficult for you to understand who the girl in the photo following Rourke's is, who at the time of the shot was just over 20 years old. It was the year 1998 as it is easy to guess by examining makeup. In fact, you will re-cover that at that time it was fashionable to put on your lips by contouring them with a pencil that was darker than lipstick. "What a horror!", We say today, but at the time almost all of us did it and our protagonist was no different. Guess who we are talking about …

The following photo depicts a very young actress, who is 51 years old today and is a beautiful woman. Italian, married to an equally well-known Italian actor and local sex symbol: it's Francesca Neri,

Sometimes cosmetic surgery upset their faces. Sometimes a skilful restyling is enough to make celebrities difficult to recognize, transformed (often for the better) over time. Leafing through the gallery you can admire a beautiful 40 year old. Today she has long hair but at the beginning she wore them very short: she is Lorena Bianchetti.

The girl you see in the photo is a well-known television face who turned 56 on 2 February 2015: today she is a beautiful lady. The shot that portrays her 20 year old dates back to 1980. Her career on TV had started two years earlier in what was called the North Antenna and then will become Italy 1. She is the legendary Gabriella Golia.

Continuing the gallery we find one of the protagonists of the famous separations of 2014: her ex-husband is the testimonial of a well-known brand of Italian biscuits. In the published shot, he sports an unimaginable hairstyle, but at the time of great trend. Is it Melanie Griffith, the ex Mrs. Banderas, would you have ever said that? Continuing we find a rundown of local divas: Sabrina Ferilli, Federica Panicucci, Paola Perego, Milly Carlucci, all more or less recognizable, almost all improved over the years thanks to the expert advice of the image experts.

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