Do you want a perfect nose? Get some eyebrow tweezers and see what happens

Who among us hasn’t wanted a movie star nose at least once in their life? Well now you can! Just use the eyebrow tweezers!

Let’s face it, the eyebrow tweezers it has saved us in so many situations, especially those that led us to redefine our eyebrows at the last minute.

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After all, it is a tool that we really cannot do without. It makes our brows bold and defined. But in the last period the tweezers are used in a decisive way unique and original. Let’s find out the details together.

The eyebrow tweezers for the nose

Many people have started using tweezers to contour their nose. It is certainly a bizarre practice, but it is worth trying!

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This trend went viral and quickly took over social media. There are several tricks for the contouring and today we want to talk to you about what concerns the definition of the nose. All you need is eyebrow tweezers and that’s it! Nose contouring is definitely not the strong point of many, as it is difficult and laborious. But the new beauty trend will make you think again. In fact it is possible to define the nose with a pair of tweezers, also achieving a super natural result.

People love this practice and it seems to be quick and easy. Bold and defined brows have always been trendy and chic. But until now we thought we knew all the ways to style them, including duct tape, spoons, and even soap to perfect our arch. Well, today we reveal another way to add to the long list: tweezers. If you have shaky hands, using them can be a challenge, but user @promisetamang showed us how.

In a post published in her profile, the girl took her tweezers and applied some foundation on either side of the instrument. With that done, she simply placed the tweezers on her nose. A quick and simple movement that allowed her to outline a magnificent one side dish for your nose. At that point she has nothing left but blend the color. Many people complimented the user and tried this amazing trick themselves, marveling at the results. So you just have to try it yourself. You will see, you will not regret the result!

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