Do you want a perfect ponytail? Throw away the brush: he is the unthinkable object that saves your life!

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Having a perfect ponytail isn’t always easy: often, especially when we have scaled hair, we find rebellious locks that just can’t stand still. Don’t worry: we have the perfect solution to stop this happening.

To do a perfect tail is really difficult. Whether it’s high, low, simple, finding the right key to make it flawless is really complicated.

  perfect tail

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Yes, because we must first find the right height and this is not always easy. Then we have to decide to make it “standard” (ie straight), or lateral (very much in vogue practically always).

At that point we also have to decide whether to pull the hair back, or leave some side strands, perhaps keeping the line to the side (if we wear it like this).

If we choose the first option, then pull our hair back, we have another problem: we must in fact be very careful because often there are unruly locks.

This happens above all in case we have scaled hair: in this case above all it is really easy that some shorter locks just can’t get inside the elastic, so losing control of the tail is really easy.

Don’t worry though: you can always have a perfect tail, in any situation. To do so, in fact, it will be enough for you implement a trick that appears banal, but really effective. Here’s what it is.

The trick to having a perfect tail

To make your tail perfect to say the least, eliminating any cheeky locks, all you have to do is take a toothbrush you don’t use and some hairspray.

  perfect tail

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“What is the toothbrush – hair connection?” you may ask yourself. Effectively it is not a very common combination, we have to admit it.

This “tool” that you generally use to brush your teeth, however, can act as a brush and make your hair look perfect.

Yes, all you have to do is grab your toothbrush, sprinkle some hairspray on it, and wipe it wherever you see hair out of place.

This means that you can easily pass it to the sides, over the head, behind the neck. The important thing is to remember to spray a little of the product every time you brush your hair, because only then will it really work.

In this way, however, you will be very sure first of all not to spray tons of unnecessary hairspray on the whole hair (considering that even its appearance may not be beautiful in this way) and then you can leave the house quiet, because not even gusts of wind will be able to messing up your hair.


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If you also want to discover the secret of influencers to have a voluminous tail in just an instant, here is our guide.

In any case, by doing this very simple trick, unruly locks will no longer be your problem.

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