Do you want bigger lips but hate overline makeup? Do like the influencers!

The overline is the most current lip makeup to get bigger lips but, if after 40 it seems too much, don’t worry: there is an alternative.

Overline lips have depopulated in recent months especially among the younger and more famous influencers. It consists of a contour based lip makeup, which is drawn slightly outside the natural one.

lip line bigger lips


Among those who have transformed this lip makeup into an absolute trend there are certainly Chiara Ferragni, which carries it literally every day, and of course Kylie Jenner. The smallest of the Kardashian clan – Jenner has in fact become very famous thanks to the size and the particular shape of her lips.

If, however, this technique ensures larger and very defined lips, has a downside: overline lip makeup is quite flashy. Even if it looks great in photography, in fact, live it can seem a bit fake and create the classic mask effect that surely after 40 we must absolutely avoid.

What then is the alternative?

The overline (but not too much) make-up for larger lips even after the age of 40

One of the main problems of women who are 40 today is the not knowing exactly in which age group to place oneself. Young, active and in the prime of maturity, they no longer feel cheeky enough to play with make-up like they did when they were 20. So here we need to be inspired by the right influencers!

overline lip makeup 40 years


Katie Hughes is a make up influencer who focuses mainly on makeup for adult women, without, however, giving up a pinch of madness and a lot of love for color.

Of course she experiments a lot with eye makeup but her lip makeup also follows many variations.

If in many cases Kate opts for a complete over line makeup with which he makes his lips taller and wider, sometimes he opts for a different approach.

In fact, in many photographs Katie draws a overline contour with a darker pencil only in the center of the lips.

In practice it emphasizes cupid’s bow (the V-shaped space in the center of the upper lip) and the central part of the lower lip.

The ideal color to create these short lip contour lines is slightly darker than lipstick that you intend to apply on the rest of the lips. The reason is that the pencil will be applied to the skin of the face, which has a much lighter color than the mucous membrane of the lips.

To make the lip contour more homogeneous, the same technique can also be used in correspondence with the side corners of the mouth. To avoid the “too much” effect and not to excessively enlarge the size of the lips, the advice is to draw short lines along the natural contour of the lips and not outside of them.

In this way lips will appear larger vertically, therefore they will give the impression of being more plump, but they will remain of the “right” size in the sense of the width.

bigger lip makeup


To give the illusion that the lips are even more protruding, therefore bigger and more defined, the trick consists inuse a slightly lighter creamy lipstick of the pencil color.

Before applying it you will have to lightly blend the lip pencil inwards, both at the corners and at the lines drawn in the center.

This will create one shade to cover with lipstick. The outer edge of the lips will appear slightly darker and the central area lighter. To emphasize the effect, a lip balm to give a bright but not too flashy finish.

An interesting alternative could be to use a pinch of highlighter in the center of the lips or even of very little shimmer eyeshadow.

In these last two cases it will be fundamental prepare your lips with a beauty routine ad hoc, especially if you have dry lips and suffer from the formation of the so-called “bar code”.

The reason is that the iridescent powders of the highlighters and metallic eyeshadows end up highlighting the wrinkles of the lips and the small cracks that form on their surface!

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