Do you want healthier and shinier hair? Here is the vitamin that will work wonders!

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Do you want to improve the condition of your hair but you don’t know how to do it anymore? Add vitamin D to your hair.

Did you know that to improve the appearance and health of her hair you can use vitamin D? But do you know exactly what it is?

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In fact, the latter is not a real vitamin, but rather a pre-hormonewhich has the task of regulate metabolism phosphorus and calcium.

Vitamin D to be integrated into the hair care regimen

Vitamin D is produced in the human body in response to sun exposure and is said to have several benefits, including for your hair.

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In fact, vitamin D and hair growth have a direct relationship. Helps to thicken the hair and to promote faster growth. Some research shows that vitamin D deficiency has been linked to the development of alopecia. Although its deficiency is not the cause of all types of hair loss, it plays an important role in prevention. But how do we know when we have a vitamin D deficiency? Here you are the most common symptoms:

  • Weight gain
  • Increased hair loss phase
  • Fatigue and frequent illnesses
  • Pain in the bones and back
  • Medical illnesses such as depression or anxiety
  • Loss of bone density
  • Sudden wound healing
  • Muscular pain

Having outlined the symptoms well, let’s move on to the extraordinary benefits that vitamin D can bring. These include hair regrowth, glowing skin and a nourished scalp. So how do we do it add vitamin D to our routine? Here are some possibilities:

A diet rich in vitamin D for hair and lifestyle

Follow a diet that provides the vitamins necessary for a healthy body. Also, be sure to add ingredients rich in vitamin D even to your hair. For example, an egg mask can provide a healthy and nourishing effect to the hair.

Replace serums with oils

Regularly subjecting your hair to chemical treatments and heat styling can cause hair loss and damage. One way to minimize the damage is to include a vitamin D capsule or an oil rich in vitamin D. All you have to do is apply it to your hair before styling to give your hair healthy nourishment.

A capsule of vitamin D for the hair

To add a few drops of vitamin D in hair oil it’s the easiest way to get better results. This can also help you achieve improved long-term immunity.

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