Do you want to be trendy with less than 50 euros? Here are 5 pieces for you

Do you want to be trendy with less than 50 euros?  Here are 5 pieces for you

You can be fashionable by spending less than 50 euros: here are 5 fashionable, affordable items for every day.

Today fashion is changing: it is as if the future is calling us, but the past is calling us to itself.

  5 affordable fashion items

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Trends evolve, they change, but then there is always something that reminds them of what was yesterday, that comes to contaminate what is today, which in turn will also contaminate what will be tomorrow.

Following trends is not always easy, but doing it without spending astronomical sums may seem utopia to some.

But this is not the case: here are 5 cheap, practical fashion items to be used every day.

5 affordable fashion items to use every day

As we have already anticipated above, being fashionable without spending a lot is possible.

So here are 5 fashionable but economical items that we can show off every day on very different occasions.

And if you love yellow, here are 5 more trendy and always affordable items to show off this spring.


Smart working for many people is now a vague memory and returning to the office and getting used to the fast pace of before may not be easy.

  5 affordable fashion items

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But why not do it in style? So here is a fuchsia suit, therefore also in one of the colors of spring, cheap, since on Shein it costs only 33 euros, trendy. What else?

Leather jacket

Since Happy Days – when we saw him show off at Fonzie – the leather jacket has always remained an undisputed must.

Leather jacket

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It has crossed epochs, challenged fashions, outclassed novelty. She accompanied us during numerous springs and as many autumns. All the designers in the world – even the biggest ones like Prada, Hermès have re-proposed it in their collections.

But if we want to differentiate ourselves from the crowd, we can choose its reinterpretation, its version and 2.0 in short. Here then is a sleeveless leather jacket (which, therefore, is actually halfway with a vest).

You don’t need the big brands to be able to wear it: go to Shein and pay it only 9 euros.

How to combine it? As you wish. Is miniskirts, but also with jeans, skinny and flared trousers, tight-fitting and loose dresses. Set your imagination in motion and race to conquer every place you set foot this spring.

Sheath dress

You want to recreate a layering outfit (also commonly called “layered” or “onion”)? Well, start with the sheath dress.

Fashionable sheath dress

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Stylists from all over the world are proposing a really curious combo, but very original and, now more than ever, trendy: sheath dress with shirt underneath, masculine overcoat and sock in plain sight.

This look is very New York style and allows us to bring a bit of States to Italy too. Do you want an idea about the sheath dress? You can opt for this, which on Shein costs only 11 euros.


Fashion Y2K has now invaded the world. These days we find it everywhere, in low-waisted jeans, for example, and in short cardigans.

Trendy cardigan

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But there is also another trend that we absolutely cannot ignore: leisurewear, which we could define more as a style, but also a way of being.

We are talking about a comfy chic style, halfway between comfort and elegance. This cardigan – which costs only 15 euros on Shein – then is exactly in the middle of the two trends: it is short (it reaches the hips), but it is also quite comfortable.

How to combine it? If you want to go back to the early 2000s, opt for jeans (if you also choose it with a low waist, you will also be the envy of Marissa Cooper), if instead you want to be comfortable, opt for soft trousers in the same color.

Cargo pants

Skinny is beautiful, but cargo is better. Here we return in the utility style: cargo pants are trendy, but at the same time very comfortable.

Cargo pants

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They generally contain an indefinite number of pockets, which will also allow us to leave the bag at home – at least for once – and will allow us to feel at the top without sacrificing comfort. And it doesn’t end there, because this is a very cheap garment: on Shein it costs only 13 euros.

With what to combine them? With a cut-out top, for example, but also with a crop top, to create a visual detachment between the many fabrics of the lower part and the few of the upper.

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