Do you want to do it on the beach? Here are the tips you can’t give up

come farlo in spiaggia

Are you looking for some tips on how to do it on the beach? Well, then you are in the right place: here are all the basic tips to give yourself crazy joy even when you are … at the sea!

Maybe not under the Sun scorching or when there are more people to take a bath, but surely a perfect moment exists.

how to do it on the beach

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To do what? But to give oneself to the crazy joy with your partner even on the beach!
Let’s be honest about it: when passion strikes, it could really strike anywhere. On a beach, it is easy for moods to overheat!
These advice I am fundamental if you want … well, to do it between the sand!

How to do it on the beach: the basic tips for making love on the sand

Hey, attention: we are absolutely not advising you to get busy in everyone’s eyes, over a towel to twelve o’clock split!

how to do it on the beach

(source: Canva)

What we mean is that it could happen to you and your partner to do maybe one romantic walk on the beach at night and get hit by Cupid at that very moment.
Or you have planned a bonfire with friends and between dinner and dawn you have found a place to retreat to be alone for a moment … and here is the omelette.
How to do it on the beach?

It seems simple but, instead, the answer to this question has a thousand questions. What to put on the ground? Better to stand up? Better to get into the water? I should try the position of the shell? Help, where does all this sand come from?
Let’s go step by step and try to analyze, point by point, all the tips to do it on the beach!

Sand go away

It obviously depends on what kind of beach do you have available: the one with stones is certainly more hygienic but also really uncomfortable while the one with sand is probably more “dirty” (if you are not careful) even if more comfortable.

The basic advice, in this case, is that of be extremely careful to the support you will take with you. If you don’t have a cot on hand (to always cover with a towel, let’s not joke), you must have a towel or a really thick towel!
In addition to advising you, in fact, to always have a towel with a thick texture that can help you to limit the damagewe have three absolutely fundamental pointers for you.

  • sand hurts and can hurt a lot if it gets on your genitals! This is why your tarp should be as clean as possible and free of sand which, however, always ends up everywhere as we know well.
    Pay extreme attention to your body: check yourself well before starting and try to keep the towel as sand-free as possible.
  • use a fitted sheet: yes, he himself is the terrible sheet that must be placed over the mattress and whose corners always “escape” when you try to put them in the right place.
    Bringing one to the beach is incredibly easy as well as fantastic practicality. Put it “upside down, so you can block corners, holding them up, with bags and shoes. In this way you will create a space to lie down which is also a small “hollow”: the four corners, held up by other objects, protect the bottom of the towel from sand or other “disturbing” agents and ensure a relationship free of irritation!
  • bring an air mattress: Another good idea is to have an air mattress with you. You can use it as a support for the towel and avoid lying on stones or dirty sand. In short, it is a perfect accessory to use during your intimate relationships, it costs little and is very light: seeing is believing!

Clothes are important

Let’s not forget about the clothes.
Wear something not just of extremely comfortable but that it can be lifted, opened and closed in the blink of an eye!

The beach, of course, is not your home – you don’t have time to show off fabulous underwear or to try on the move of the triceratops.
You have to be quick, practical and, above all, not be forced by skimpy clothes, laces to untie or buttons to unbutton in a long and complicated sequence.
Get dressed “for the part”: comfortable clothes, wide and that you can keep on!

How to do it on the beach: always have the picture of the situation

We know, we know: there are stars and sea waves reflecting the moon, the sound of the wind and your partner’s eyes looking at you.
This is not a good reason, however, to get too distracted!

Making love in public can result in one fine up to 30,000 EUR as well as in a rather unpleasant experience if you encounter some malicious person, some prankster with a phone or some peeping tom.
Better to have a hundred eyes and choose one given that it is both safe and not very popular at the same time.
Remember not to get dirty, to collect any “evidence” of your relationship and to avoid leaving the beach as if it were your bedroom.
To do it on the beach it also takes a minimum from consciousness: if you don’t like the situation, go home!

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