Do you want to get more deflated to the costume fitting? Here are the golden rules!

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Find out how to get more deflated at the long-awaited swimsuit test. The rules to follow to feel your best.

There is less and less lack of the classic costume fitting that every year puts many people in crisis. A trial that is undoubtedly experienced at the wrong time and which often risks depriving us of what is really important. If you too are experiencing the expectation with a certain tension, the first thing you should keep in mind is that what really matters is to get there happy and feeling good about yourself. A goal that you can surely achieve by starting to take care of yourself. Which will also lead you to see yourself more beautiful in the mirror and improve your fitness.

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Beyond the weight from which you start, in fact, there are some small tips that if put into practice can help you deflate, look more toned and feel more beautiful every day. Of course, this applies if you have very little weight to lose but even if the problem were several kilos, while not losing them all, you will know that every day you are the best version of you and that you are one step closer to your goal. Which should help you feel charged with new energy.

The rules to follow to get to the costume fitting in the best possible way

Often, feeling good about yourself is what you really need to be able to count on a costume rehearsal to live at best. This can be achieved by developing some rules that not only give mental energy but also help you deflate and make you more beautiful every day.

deflate swimsuit test

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Exactly what you need to enjoy this summer to the fullest. Here, then, are the ideas not to forget and to develop for your costume fitting.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Losing too many pounds at once will lead to you losing more fat than lean and looking weird in the mirror. Furthermore, this leads to having to make too many sacrifices and to review the numbers rise on the scales already from the smallest mistake. To achieve important results is therefore it is better to start following a healthy and balanced dietto. One that satisfies you, that is full of foods that are good for you and that helps you lose weight without having to give up on the social path. Finding that you can indulge in an ice cream or a pizza while continuing to lose weight will make you so euphoric that you will also appreciate a slower weight loss. Especially because it will be the one you will notice the most in the mirror (and in costume).

Drink lots of water

The trick to looking toned is to drink lots of water. Then start eliminating all types of drinks and allow yourself only natural water (possibly with a low fixed residue). If you have a hard time drinking, you can flavor it with lemon or whatever you prefer. What matters is to avoid the sparkling one (except for rare occasions) and not to add sugars of any kind. As obvious as it may seem, drinking the right amount and choosing the right one will help you deflate.

Having a big breakfast helps you to arrive deflated at the costume fitting

Never skipping breakfast is another golden rule to follow to get to the costume fitting in top shape. Doing so helps you in fact charge you with the right energy and not to arrive hungry for lunch. Moreover, even at dinner you will tend to eat less and everything because you already know that a rich and tasty meal awaits you at breakfast. From protein pancakes to yogurt with fresh and dried fruit, eating healthily and balanced early in the morning will make a difference, push you to eat less during the day and help you lose weight more easily.

Use a little salt

A trick to deflate quickly is to use a little salt. Eliminating packaged, bagged and processed foods is already a good start. However, reducing what is normally used in the kitchen can also make a difference, helping you to eliminate excess fluids and deflate even a lot. Obviously there is no talk of eliminating it but of reducing it by replacing it with good and friendly spices of the line. Between turmeric, paprika, ginger and other spices to experiment, the choice is really wide. Just find the ones that suit your tastes to enjoy infinitely better foods than before.

Eat fruits and vegetables

Not everyone knows this but adding potassium-rich foods helps deflate. This means eat fruits and vegetables and prefer those healthy, potassium-rich foods which, among other things, are also good. Among the many are bananas, dried fruit, avocado, legumes and spinach. And while some of these are known to have a lot of calories, you just need to eat them in moderation to get the desired results.
In addition, there are excellent summer fruits such as watermelon which, in addition to being good, also help during the diet.

These simple tricks, combined with a good base of physical activity will help you get to the costume fitting without sacrifices and with the right mood to better enjoy your summer holidays.

Obviously, if you have a lot of pounds to lose, iThe advice is to contact a nutritionist. In this way you can be followed with greater attention and draw up goals to be achieved from time to time. This will help you not to give up and to see with confidence the progress that will lead you to a better physical condition and health. Even more important aspects than the simple costume fitting.

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