Do you want to hide greasy hair? Try this French braid

Do you want to hide greasy hair?  Try this French braid

Don’t feel like or have time to wash your oily hair? Then opt for a nice French braid. It is easier than you think!

On social media you can now find everything, so much so that it has become our favorite place to find the best hair tips. This time we talk about TikTok.

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Precisely on this platform a video went viral in which the best makeup for hide the greasy roots. How to do? With a French braid!

Hide greasy hair with a French braid

TikTok is now our lifeline when it comes to discovering all the beauty secrets and yes, even those regarding hairstyles. The great thing about TikTok tutorials is that they are usually a lot easy to follow and execute.

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How many times have we found ourselves with oily hair? You wash them and within a day they start to look shinier than normal. It seems like a real paradox, because we shouldn’t wash them too often, but we also don’t want to end up with greasy hair. So how can the situation be resolved?

TikTok, once again, came to our rescue. There’s a trick very simple that manages to hide the greasy roots and gives your hair a new life between washes. The internet is going crazy as it is simple and effective this technique, is it best? It literally takes minutes. But it’s not the traditional French braid, so it’s also perfect for those unfamiliar with this hairstyle.

TikToker user @sar ___ h2, who has thousands of followers in tow, shared with his followers a trick to cover greasy hair, including the roots, by recreating a faux French braid. To reproduce the hairstyle, she starts with her hair down and parted down the middle. Take two small front sections.

With the head down, weave the first small section of hair into a super thin braid, ending it behind the crown of the head. Once completed, turn it backwards and using a small rubber band, attach the braid to the back of that section of hair. Repeat the same thing on the other side. As a finishing touch, you can loosen the braids slightly with your fingertipsfor a “Roman-style braid effect”.

With over two million views and nearly 200,000 likes, Sarah shocked TikTok users with her tutorial. Users were amazed at this trick, with one person commenting, “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.” Another wrote: “I am unable to do French braids, they are a mess. Thanks for showing me this technique. Now it will be much easier to do this type of hairstyle ”.

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