Do you want to look taller? Copy Victoria Beckham’s trendy and studied looks!

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Do you want to look taller? The secret lies in creating the right outfit! And who can you take inspiration from to create a look that makes you appear more slender? Victoria Beckham! Discover all the secrets here on CheDonna!

The first rule to be considered true fashion lovers is this: know your body, strengths and weaknesses, love us unconditionally and create looks that are always aimed at enhancing who we are. For example, if you are small and you are not very tall, what outfits do you wear? Are you sure these looks will slim you down? Or are they suitable for you?

Look taller

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There are many international stars who do not have a very slender physicality but who have managed to find their own personal way to enhance their figure.

One of them is Victoria Beckham. Posh of the Spice Girls has always shown a certain taste in terms of fashion, chic and in step with trends. She has always stood out for her personal style and he has always made a point in his favor of his small and not very slender physicality.

That’s right, why the outfits worn by Victoria are always studied to perfectionee each item of clothing she wears is designed to best enhance her figure.

So what to do? See what Victoria Beckham’s secrets are and copy them to make outfits that make us look taller!

To look taller, copy Victoria Beckham’s looks: mini or midi dresses, outlined waistlines and platformless shoes!

Creating everyday looks sometimes seems difficult, especially in summer, due to the sultry heat that doesn’t allow us to always wear what we want. But if we keep in mind very few basic rules everything will be different and our outfits will be at the top!

Look taller

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s seeOr the tricks used by Victoria Beckham in her looks to look taller:

  • dresses length: in summer clothes are among the most comfortable items we can find in our wardrobe. But pay attention to the length. If we want to slim our figure we must avoid the middle way and prefer dresses that come either above the knee or midi, just above the ankle. In this way our silhouette will appear more slender.
  • waist outlined: another detail not to be forgotten is to always enhance the waistline. In this way the torso and our legs will appear more elongated!
  • shoes without platform: the platform in the shoes is comfortable, but it makes our legs look stocky. If we are not already very slender and do not have a slender leg, the heel with the platform is to be absolutely avoided. Better a shoe with a thin heel without a platform. The heel does not necessarily have to be very high, but the shoe must be delicate. Only in this way will our leg look slender and elongated! By the way, Do you love dark colors? That’s why you should always wear them in the summer!

Look taller

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This is the end of this branded style guide CheWoman who saw how to copy Victoria Beckham’s fashion tricks.

See you next style guide! Fun is guaranteed!

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