Do you want to lose weight? Eat chocolate cake for breakfast, science says

Do you want to lose weight? Eat chocolate cake for breakfast, science says

According to a scientific study, eating chocolate in the morning lowers the desire for sugar during the day

Chocolate recipes, a cloudy passion

For chocolate lovers it is a beautiful day, do you know what is the ideal breakfast for weight loss? A slice of chocolate cake, a scientific study announces it, just eat it in the morning for breakfast to lose weight.

It was researchers at Tel Aviv University who demonstrated that eating chocolate – well associated with proteins and carbohydrates – satisfies the desire for sugars all day long, thus reducing that desire for sweets that leads to consuming snacks and snacks throughout the day. In the morning the metabolism works faster, so it is the ideal time to satisfy the desire for chocolate.

The study was conducted on a total of 193 non-diabetic and clinically obese subjects, divided into two groups and studied for a total of 8 months. One group was given a 300-calorie breakfast each morning, the other group instead had a more abundant 600-calorie breakfast, with chocolate pudding included.

The results? The prof. Collected them Daniela Jkubowicz – director of the study – who recorded the long-term benefits of sugary breakfast: the second group lost about 16 kg more than the first and felt a lower desire for sweet foods.

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