Do you want to surprise him in bed? Ask him to try this position!

posizione del pendolo

What do you say, would you like to try to impress your partner with one of the most unusual positions? It’s called the pendulum position: will you try it?

Today we have decided to offer you a solution to find a little new under the sheets.

position of the pendulum

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Certainly, in fact, with the position that we will suggest you today you will absolutely be able to amaze your partner.
We really doubt you’ve ever tried it as it is one of the strangest positions found even in the Kamasutra!
Would you like to find out which one it is?

Pendulum position: Here is one of the strangest positions in bed

Today we have decided to explain to you how the pendulum position is done.

position of the pendulum

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

No, don’t worry: the latest season of Stranger Things has nothing to do with this position under the covers!
Since it is one of the strangest positions in the Kamasutra we’re pretty sure you and your partner haven’t tried it yet.
That’s why, in proposing it to him, we can certainly say that you will leave him speechless!

No, anyway: there aren’t any old watches dusty to be inspired by but only a technique which then provides that once you reach the position you start rocking back and forth. Oh no, again: it has nothing to do with the watch trick that absolutely serves to improve your intimacy and which we told you about right here!
What do you say, would you like to find out with us how to do it?

Let’s get in position

To try the position of the pendulum we recommend a lot Attention. It’s not exactly the simplest in the whole world though it is absolutely not comparable to that of the triceratops!

Let’s start from the base: both you and your partner should be on the same surface.
The floor, one enough bench robust or the your read if you think it can hold the position without collapsing you to one side or the other.
Your partner is lying in belly in the air, with his knees bent towards his stomach and his feet in the air. You do you should likesit downon from hewith the soles of your feet on the ground and leaning back on his pubis.
THE feet of the your partner can to sustain there your back and help you get more comfortable in the pendulum position.

At this point it is time to bring the part of the… pendulum into action! As if you were a real pendulum you must “to swing” back and forth, going first towards your feet and then towards your partner.
The pleasure you will experience is absolutely intense, even if deep slow And regular.
Not bad, right?

Obviously, to do the pendulum position it takes a minimum of practice as well as a lot of attention.
Given the situation getting hurt is really easy, especially for your him. Maybe at first you can try some variations: let your partner lie in bed, near the edge, while you stand and lean on him. keeping a firm grip on the floor and your balance.
Remember to put cushions in the most sensitive points that, after a while, could become irritated by being in contact with the “hard” of the floor.

In short: even if it seems a little difficult and certainly very impractical, the position of the pendulum is really very satisfying.
How about: will you try it?

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