Doc – In your hands, previews: unexpected farewells and new arrivals

"Doc – In your hands" with Luca Argentero is back on TV: unexpected farewells and new arrivals in the second season

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Unexpected farewells and new arrivals: next season of Doc – In Your Hands will be full of twists. The fiction with Luca Argentero will air in the early months of 2022, in the meantime shooting has already begun. The interiors will be shot in Rome, the external scenes instead in Milan, the city where the TV series is set.

In the new episodes we will see Dr. Andrea Fanti struggling with new cases, but above all with the Coronavirus. As anticipated by the writers of Doc – In your hands, in fact, the current theme of the pandemic will be dealt with in the fiction. “Fanti – they explained to Corriere della Sera -, from the last wheel of the wagon where he had been confined, will accept the challenge of returning to being the primary, also having to face the virus and does so without thinking about himself: first there are others. The new plot cannot but intertwine with the pandemic reality: it will open wounds, existential upheavals. Doc's doctors will also show their frailties, being able to communicate better with patients, to understand their psychological needs too ".

Among the new entries Giusy Buscemi, an actress returning from the success of One Step from Heaven, who will play a doctor. His arrival in the hospital will create new dynamics and stories to tell. Not only the Coronavirus, in the second season of Doc – In your hands, there will also be sensational farewells with scenes that, according to what has been revealed by the writers, will be of great emotional impact.

In fact, some characters will leave the series in a tragic way. Who is it about? For now it is not yet clear, but it is about sensational farewells. Among the most loved actors of the show, in addition to Luca Argentero, we find Pierpaolo Spollon, Sara Lazzaro, Matilde Gioli, Raffaele Esposito, Silvia Mazzieri and Gianmarco Saurino.

Record ratings and the love of the public have given the TV series a huge success. The medical drama was made taking inspiration from a true story, that of Pierdante Piccione, former head of the hospital in Lodi. It was 2013 when the doctor had a frightening traffic accident on the Pavia ring road. After awakening from a coma, he was diagnosed with amnesia with his memory still 12 years before the trauma and the need to rebuild all relationships.

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