Doc, Luca Argentero reveals some details in preview


Luca Argentero is back on TV with the fiction "DOC – In your hands" and reveals details, twists and a surprising ending

Cristina Marino and Luca Argentero: the first summer as parents with Nina Speranza

Luca Argentero is back on TV in the role of Andrea Fanti, with the beloved fiction DOC – In your hands, broadcast on Rai 1 from 15 October. The series is inspired by the true story of Professor Pierdante Piccioni (and by the book Meno Dodici written with Pierangelo Sapegno), former head of emergency room in Codogno and Lodi, who lost 12 years of his memory due to an accident.

"Expect scene changes and cases in each episode that will keep you in suspense, before a surprise ending," said the actor. And apparently the writers are already writing next season, because as the producer Matilde Bernabei announced "the story continues".

In an interview released in recent days to Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Luca Argentero said he was convinced that viewers will be surprised by the twists and turns foreseen in the script. The actor who plays Andrea Fanti went off balance by stating:

The closing of the first season is sensational, I don't want to raise too many expectations but it's a great ending. Getting there from where we left off has been an incredible journey, so many things happen. I was shocked to read how the authors managed to condense, in addition to the episode cases, the story of the young doctors and my character.

Argentero specified that due to the health emergency some scenes have been readjusted to avoid hugs and kisses: fortunately the ending had been shot previously and the screenplay of the fiction was therefore not affected by the restrictions.

I did not expect this success – said the actor – none of us expected this response. Sometimes there are projects that achieve perfect alchemy. We worked on a great script. Rai 1 has decided to marry this new style. The series was sold in Spain, Portugal. I would like to acknowledge the credit of all those who worked on it.

For Luca Argentero, this is a golden moment, both in terms of work and in terms of private life: he has fulfilled his dream of becoming a father and does not spend even a minute away from his daughter.

In fact, in May Nina Speranza was born, born of love with Cristina Marino, with whom she is planning the wedding.

"First she got pregnant, then there was the covid, but as soon as possible we will surely get married – she confessed in a recent interview – it has been in our plans for a while. We will have a normal wedding, nothing sensational ”.

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