Does lip gloss last for a short time? Mistakes to avoid for a long lasting result

far durare il gloss

Can lip gloss be made to last? It seems like a mission impossible, but there are a number of small steps that can make your lips shine all day!

The shiny mirror lips, obtained thanks to the use of gloss and lip gloss, are a real one absolute must of make up of this period. It is a young and fresh makeup which is good for everyone and which immediately gives us a few years less.

make the gloss last


But unfortunately gloss is one of the least lasting lip products, especially when doing activities that require you to move your lips a lot like eating, talking and kissing.

Is there a foolproof technique to ensure that the gloss does not completely disappear from the lips within hours of its application?

All the secrets to make lip gloss last longer than the blink of an eye!

The gloss is a finishing product which can be used alone (for a super shiny and very natural result at the same time) or in combination with other lip products.

gloss that does not last


Obviously, the combination of the gloss with other products depends on the final result you want to obtain.

The combination of a matte colored lipstick and a gloss allows you to give new life and brilliance to colors and products that perhaps we would have used more willingly in the cold seasons.

The gloss is indeed a transparent or slightly pigmented product which then allows you to create beautiful watercolor shades on the lips.

For this reason it can be easily overlaid with other products more intense colors by altering the base color very little.

Spread a long-lasting base

As mentioned, the gloss itself is not very long lasting and not very pigmented. For a lasting result, the advice is use a long lasting product to make the base of lip makeup.

The absolute ideal is the lip tint, which tends not to melt even in contact with the gloss. Valid alternatives are i matte lipsticks and lip pencils.

Since the gloss will only bring a nuance of color and a strong shine, when we realize that the gloss has gone away, just reapply it quickly without, in the meantime, the lip makeup has completely disappeared.

Use the wax pencil

There wax pencil is a key cosmetic for summer make-up. It is a little known cosmetic but it is really a lifesaver for lip makeup. This pencil completely colorless or bordering on beige it is made largely of there was and is used as one normal lip pencil.

The only difference is that the wax should not be applied on the lips but along their contour and after applying the gloss.

So the wax will stem the product and will slow down or even prevent smearing.

Using a little product (and applying it well) makes the lip gloss last longer

One of the most common mistakes and at the same time most sensational with the lip gloss is the habit of use a lot of product. In fact, it is thought that, by applying a generous layer, some of the product will remain on the lips even when most of it has gone away.

Actually the best way to make the gloss last is apply very little from the center of the lips and spreading the product outwards. In particular it will be very useful avoid the corners of the mouth to avoid smudging on the cheeks.

This is a trick to take especially if you choose to use a colored and non-transparent gloss.

The less product you apply, the better the gloss adheres to the lips. For an even more precise application, a flat brush, like those used to apply or blend lipstick.

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