Does making love in the evening really help you sleep better?

The best way to promote sleep is to actually make love when you get into bed. We explain why.

Making love before bed promotes sleep. It’s true it’s not your impression. It has been scientifically confirmed. If you’ve ever asked yourself this question after costing him yourself effects of orgasm on sleep, we confirm that the answer is yes and we also explain why if you want to sleep better you should forget the relaxing herbal teas and do some exercise with your partner.

sleep orgasm effects

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Although experts advise not to train before bed because adrenaline is the enemy of sleep, there is one type of exercise that is an exception to the rule and seems to have surprising effects on the sleep quality. Done correctly this exercise gives an orgasmic pleasure and this pleasure opens the doors of Morpheus to you in a natural and immediate way as if it were a sleeping pill. But what do we owe the narcotic power of orgasm to?

An orgasm before bed is the perfect natural alternative to sleeping pills

Many people sleep little and badly and this negatively affects their life. Lack of sleep leads to tiredness, irritation and frustration. Often the cause of insomnia is a consequence of bad habits related to the hours before sleep. For example, many in bed look at the screens, on the TV or on the telephone. These emit a blue light which causes hyper-activation of the nervous system. In the two hours preceding the time you wish to meet Morpheus, you should completely avoid eye contact with these devices.

sleep orgasm effects

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If you are looking for a revolutionary advice to improve sleep you are in the right place and it has been scientifically proven. To sleep well and fall asleep quickly the best remedy is to make love.

Researchers from the Appleton Institute for Behavioral Science at the University of Central Queensland in Adelaide, Australia monitored the sleep of 460 people between the ages of 18 and 70 and concluded that 64% of them had orgasm. the perfect ally for sleep. It would not only help you sleep better but also help you fall asleep quickly.

The reason? Having [email protected] has many health benefits, in particular it increases the amount in the blood of:

  • estrogen, female hormones which, among other things, promote rest
  • prolactin, a hormone that promotes relaxation and makes you drowsy
  • oxytocin, a natural euphoric substance, reduces stress and tension and increases self-esteem
  • endorphin, a natural pain reliever

These elements combined together have the effect of triggering the pleasure centers of the brain bringing not only pleasure but also calm and contentment to the body. Hence the natural sedative power linked to orgasm that makes you sleep better and earlier and guarantees you an awakening in a good mood.

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