Does the scrub eliminate the tan? The whole truth (and the hoaxes) of summer!

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Is scrub the sworn enemy of tanning in the summer? The rumors on the subject are many and conflicting: what is the truth, regardless of urban legends?

Scrub is a beauty practice that should definitely be included in the beauty routine for every woman.

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It serves in fact to eliminate older cell layers from the surface of the skin, making it smoother, more compact and “younger”.

These beneficial effects are particularly evident on the face but the rest of the body is also very beneficial. However, it is a “good habit” that we tend to keep regularly in winter and lose in summer.

In winter, in fact, the skin tends to dry out very easily due to the cold, wind and other atmospheric agents that stress it. Also, since the capillaries shrink, the skin in winter receives less nutrients compared to summer, so it ages and wears out much more easily.

However, this does not mean that cell renewal does not occur in the summer and should not be encouraged through scrubs. The problem however is that we are afraid of “scratching off” the tan. It’s really like this?

Does the summer tan really come off with the scrub?

When in the summer we spend too much time in the sun and after a few days we rub the red area we realize that the most superficial skin begins to peel off.

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In most cases the skin that comes off is white, practically transparent, and very thin.

What peels off after a sunburn or several days after we took the first sun is the same “dead skin” that we are going to remove by performing a scrub.

And in both cases (whether the skin is removed with mechanical friction, or the skin simply lifts and peels off) our tan is not damaged.

The reason is very simple: the skin cells that produce melanin are found in the deepest layers of our skin.

This means that our melanin (responsible for tanning in all humans) it is not found in the most superficial layers of the skin but, on the contrary, it is found and acts in the deeper ones.

For this reason in summer we can safely perform the scrub, even if perhaps less frequently than in winter.

Especially if we are going to the sea, in fact, the skin will undergo a sort of “natural scrub” thanks to the continuous rubbing with the sand and sea water. Even if we are not going to the beach, anyway, in the summer as we have already said skin ages less quickly compared to winter, therefore you can also perform the scrub once every two weeks instead of once a week.

All the best scrub techniques for the summer

For a invigorating massage, which will also favor microcirculation (it is always good in summer) you can instead use the dry scrub with a natural bristle brush. This process is called dry brushing and can be performed both on the body and on the face. The dry brushing for the face however, it must be performed carefully, following all the necessary steps not to damage or irritate the skin.

For those who prefer an absolutely natural remedy, here they are 5 DIY recipes that are impossible to go wrong.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have time to prepare a DIY scrub and you prefer to rely on ready-made ones, that’s no problem! Although we often hear that industrial production scrubs are quite aggressive it is not strictly true. Just use small quantities of product And do not rub too hard.

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