Does training at home work? Exercises and tools to create your gym

Does training at home work? Exercises and tools to create your gym

Practical tips to create your own home gym, structure a good exercise plan and get the right equipment


  • Does training at home work?
  • Ideal exercises to do at home
  • Tools to create your home gym
  • How many times a week to train

Does training at home work?

The house could become a real gym, with the convenience of already being within the walls of your own space. Moreover, between parking lots, traffic and various obstacles, you really lose time, which, training at home, does not happen. Ultimately, the presence of other people in a public place could be distracting, while at home you stay focused and work from a familiar space of independence and strength.

The essential thing is that the rest of the family members do not feel authorized to stop training. Before starting the session it might be useful to communicate this, clearly explaining that the training space is sacred. If, on the other hand, you live alone, the risk is distractions and social media; it might be an excellent idea to turn off the mobile phone and avoid any distraction that comes from outside.

Ideal exercises to do at home

Training at home bodyweight still requires the structuring of a program, even if you don't have barbells or tools to do isometric. Gradually increasing the volume of the training series is an excellent solution. There are bodyweight exercises that are ideal for those who want to train at home.

For example, the classic push-up is a great exercise to warm up the body. The classic execution is with knees that do not remain on the ground, but can also be left on the ground if the load is too much, 5 or 6 sets of 10 repetitions are enough, everything varies according to the goal.

The plank is also an excellent exercise that trains the whole body in a functional way, working the stabilizers, abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs. It is very important, in the position on the table, not to give in from the shoulders and feel that the feet push down to keep the abdomen compact.

Tools to create your home gym

Rubber bands

Let's see some tools that can be wonderful tools for physical fitness. It is excellent to work with rubber bands with different types of resistance. The elastics always have different colors adaptable to the type of effort you want to make.

Military press, side and front raises

You can anchor the elastic to a door handle and work the pecs by bringing the arm towards the central axis of the body from the standing position with the leg opposite the arm, lumbar curve in correct position and hand fixed, holding the push, opening and going in contraction, until the elastic reaches its maximum tension.

By anchoring the elastic under one foot, the so-called military press is performed, pushing the arm upwards with the palms outwards and it is also possible to work with the two elastic bands anchored to the feet, therefore with the two arms at the same time.

Do you want to practice lateral raises instead? The rubber bands stop at one foot and the arms are opened laterally, moving them away from the central axis. You can slowly return or stay in the contraction position to do good isometric work. You can also insert the front lift, bringing the arms forward and the palms down while the fist keeps the elastic fixed under the feet.

The beauty of the rubber bands is that, once you have learned the basic techniques, they can also be carried in your suitcase. The side risers can also be done with heavy bottles or books or with detergent packs.

Variants of the oarsman

The rowing exercise to be done standing is excellent, that is to put the elastic under both feet, go back with the hips and evenly flex the torso forward and then bring upwards so as to work the chest. If you sit with your legs bent and your pelvis in position, the elastic under your feet, pulling them towards you, you get the same result.

Biceps and triceps with elastic

To make the biceps, the elastic bands are held under the foot and the elbow is kept fixed close to the body and then the forearm is brought towards the chest. For the triceps, the French press is implemented by raising the arm and bending the degree of the elbow in order to bring the forearm behind the neck and then re-extend the whole arm upwards. The elastic must be held firmly, so that it does not slip off.

Other tools

In addition to the elastics, cuffs and anklets allow you to increase the load and do targeted exercises for muscle groups of the lower and upper limbs. Many also use an electrostimulator to tone certain muscle areas. They are usually equipped with wireless remote controls to control several devices at the same time and manage the intensity (there are multiple modes of use). It is a comfortable and practical tool that allows you to train various parts of the body, such as arms, abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks and in some cases it must be synchronized with different exercises, such as squats, pull-ups, dumbbells and running.

Training with elastic bands can be perfectly integrated with work with the rope. Rope in nylon, cotton or leather, in any case we are faced with a magnificent tool to achieve excellent results of toning and muscle resistance. The heart and lungs also benefit, increasing their workload in a functional and gradual way. It is often thought that the rope trains only the legs and buttocks, but muscle activations also occur in the upper body as the rotation movement of the rope also trains the wrist and the tightness of the shoulders and pectorals. The rope turns out to be an excellent workout to avoid hypertrophy (in short, muscle that gets bigger), on the contrary, it defines the muscles without increasing their mass excessively.

How many times a week to train

Generally speaking, 2 or 3 well-performed weekly sessions can be an excellent solution to improve physical fitness if you use loads or other tools and especially if the goal remains to simply stay fit. With 4-5 sessions, the commitment increases and the goals can be important. Obviously, the basis from which you start must be considered, or how much you are trained / and, in short, your level of fitness.

To optimize, loads can be added. In summary, the load stimulates the muscles and to obtain the same result in free body you should increase the duration and intensity, in addition to the training frequency.

The ideal is to train the whole body in each session, or to dedicate at least 2 or 3 exercises to the same muscle district and then move to another one and so on, or to carefully select multi-joint exercises where the muscles work in synergy as in a real " orchestra ”to be sure to make a complete full body.

A basic session should last at least 45 minutes, and it's a good idea to alternate it with 60 minutes to get some organic work done.

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