Does waterproof make-up dry your lips? Here is the secret to save kisses in the summer!

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If waterproof make-up is the best friend of summer, it dries your lips unbearably. Is there a way to fix it or do you have to surrender to spend the summer with dry lips?

The reason why waterproof make-up, especially on the lips, becomes absolutely essential in the summer, is evident. It lasts many hours and resists the challenges of time and “stress” better than any other product.

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The reason why waterproof makeup resists the stresses of food, drink and kisses is all in hers particular composition.

In fact, waterproof makeup for lips it is formulated to color the mucosa of the lips in depth. Practically does not form a surface layer of color, but it penetrates the skin of the lips and merges with it.

But unfortunately the formulation of the lip tint dries the mucous membrane very much, then the lips end up appearing drier, more marked and wrinkled, almost “older” than when we use creamy lipsticks.

The secret to avoiding dry lips when using waterproof makeup

Traditional lipsticks, and especially creamy ones, can be easily washed off thanks to water-based foaming or micellar detergents.

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The only way to effectively remove lip tints and waterproof makeup in general are i oil-based cleaners.

This means that lip tints cannot contain emollient ingredients such as butters and oils because this type of ingredients would compromise their shelf life.

However, the absence of this type of products makes waterproof lip makeup particularly unsuitable for dry skin. However, even normal skin ends up drying out when made up with lip tints and other waterproof make-up. How to remedy in this case?

Deep hydration

Since you should never apply cocoa butter and other fatty products on the lip tint it absolutely is essential to take care of the hydration of the lips first to apply make up.

To this end it is possible create a real intensive hydration treatment before applying lip tint.

To do this you will need:

1 – Run one natural scrub with honey and sugar in order to remove old cells and skin.

2 – Apply a generous layer of moisturizer on the lips and let it dry perfectly. An excellent choice are also the lip creams with filler effect, which make the lips more plump. Before proceeding to the actual makeup phase it is essential allow all moisturizing products to dry perfectly.

3 – Absolutely avoid lip primer since, while it protects lips from dryness (and helps makeup last longer), it is also true that prevents waterproof make-up from direct contact with mucous membranes, so paradoxically it will make lip makeup last less than usual.

4 – Apply the lip tint (here we explain how to do it perfectly) but without exaggerating the quantities. These products are always very pigmented, so applying too much does nothing but worsen the sense of dryness without making significant improvements to the final result of the make-up.

5 – If necessary, apply a water based lip gloss and not an oil and not a lip balm on the make-up just made, so as not to risk melting it. The ideal is to buy a lip tint that also includes a lip gloss specially designed not to damage the durability of the make-up.

Chedonna's Advice: lip tint with transparent balm

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TipsForWomens’s Advice: lip tint with transparent balm


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