Does wrinkle cream really work? Which and when to use it

Does wrinkle cream really work? Which and when to use it

When used in the right way, anti-wrinkle products are a valuable ally for young and healthy skin. But which one is right for you?

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A product for every age

The first rule for effective skincare is to use recommended products for your age group; buying a cream designed for an upper band, in fact, will not make the treatment more effective, but on the contrary risks being completely useless.

The first signs of expression and tiredness appear from the age of 25; in this phase, however, it is enough to focus on a nourishing and moisturizing product, better if enriched with sunscreens because the objective is to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and keep the skin luminous and compact. After the age of 35, instead, the first real anti-wrinkle treatments should be applied: go ahead, therefore, to firming and antioxidant creams and to specific products for the eye contour.

However, from age 45 onwards, intensive anti-aging treatments become indispensable. The most suitable products are those based on hyaluronic acid and collagen, which give a more compact and hydrated skin; moreover, after the age of 50, the anti-wrinkle cream can be combined with a concentrated serum, for an even more intense treatment and, if desired, to products enriched with lightening substances to counteract the appearance of age spots.

Pay attention to the needs of your skin

If we want the skin to get the maximum benefit from anti-age products, we must not forget to choose the formulas most suited to our skin type; buy the right cosmetic but the wrong texture, in fact, will end up compromising the effectiveness of the treatment. Therefore, those with normal or dry skin can easily rely on the classic anti-wrinkle creams with a dense and rich consistency; in the case of oily or shiny skins, instead, it would be better to use a gel anti-wrinkle. This formula, more fluid and fresh, will be absorbed by the skin without greasing it, with a moisturizing and at the same time mattifying action. Alternatively you can use a lighter cream, perhaps enriched with sebum-absorbing substances.

The ingredients to focus on

There are many cosmetic companies offering anti-wrinkle products; in addition to choosing a cream based on your age and skin type, therefore, we advise you to rely on another fundamental element for the effectiveness of the treatment: we are talking about the ingredients used in the composition, which determine the effects of the product on the skin. If you are interested in a moisturizing and nourishing cream, focus on a product that contains hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen, glycerin or natural substances such as jojoba oil, almond or argan oil, shea butter, aloe vera; for an antioxidant effect, instead, look for a cream based on vitamin A (retinol), C or E, green tea or coenzyme Q10. Finally, among the substances designed to lighten skin spots, we find vitamin C, licorice extract or pomegranate extract. Finally, do not forget to buy a product with sun protection: UV rays, in fact, are among the main causes of skin aging.

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