Does your baby seem special to you? It is. Science confirms this

Does your baby seem special to you?  It is.  Science confirms this

They are unable to speak or even walk, but they have real superpowers. Here’s what a recent study of newborns found

The arrival of a baby brings with it many emotions, all wonderful. We could watch them for hours and find something special in each of their gestures. And indeed, the feeling that our little ones are extraordinary is not only in our heads, but is also confirmed by science. Here’s what a recent study conducted by Italian researchers found.

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Children have super powers, or rather, this is the impression they give us from the first days of life. They seem to perceive our presence and the space around us, and in fact this is not just our feeling.

According to a study conducted by the Manibus Lab department of the Psychology Department of the University of Turin and by the University Neonatology of the Sant’Anna hospital of the City of Health, in collaboration with the Universities of Lausanne and New York, newborns are able to codify the outer space, from the first days of their birth.

Just as happens to adults, even newborn babies know how to distinguish the source of external stimuli, taking their body as a point of reference. This shows that they are able to code the space already from the first days of life.

To arrive at this discovery, the researchers used electroencephalography, a non-invasive neuroimaging technique, which served to understand how the representation of the space in which the child’s body is located develops. The multisensory stimuli, therefore, serve the newborn to start coding the space that surrounds him which, as has been revealed, is immediately recognized.

The discovery is very important for the whole sector because the first time the aspect of the multisensory nature of newborns is clarified already from the first hours of life, unlike what happens in nature with mammals which, on the other hand, develop this ability more slowly during development.

The data brought to light by Italian research, therefore, confirm how fundamental interactions with newborns are, just as it is important to create an environment rich in stimuli and social relationships for them from the first days of birth, so as to allow the child to develop the sensory integration mechanism immediately.

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