Doing it in the water: the guide to trying this type of experience

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What do you need to do it in the water? Discover all the tips for making love in the water without suffering (too much): are you ready?

Let’s face it: how much the temperatures yes raisethe sun is merciless and the sweat flows in rivers there seems to be only one solution.

do it in the water

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Get busy… in the water!
Unfortunately, however, the intimate relationships in water they are not as simple as movies, TV series or the general imagination wants to propose us.
Here’s what you need and can do to make them… easier!

Doing it in the water: tips, ideas and most common problems

We know, we know: does very hot and the very idea of ​​letting yourself go into a torrid [email protected] [email protected] makes you… shiver!

do it in the water

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Certainly not of pleasure, of cold or of passion: of fear!
Even if we gave you here are some suggestions for making love when the temperatures get very hotthere is a solution that seems easy.
Do it in the water!

Indeed the tub, the plastic pool you bought or even the sea itself are there, full of water fresh And regenerating.
Why not take advantage of it?
Well, actually there are numerous reasons not to do it in the water:

  • condoms cannot be used: the water makes it practically impossible to put it on, especially if you are at sea. Wearing a condom badly or having an external person who could “take it off” is very dangerous!
  • other than lubrication: indeed, quite the opposite! The water acts as a “diluent” and disperses the natural lubrication of the vagina. However horny you may be, then, you will never be lubricated enough! This could lead to irritations which then open the way to infections, cystitis, mycosis … and so on and so forth!
  • hygiene: the water in which you are about to have [email protected] could be dirty or, in any case, bring with it bacteria that do nothing on the skin but can ruin everything … by entering “inside”. The penetration, the fact that you are naked and the possibility of getting some disease or infection are not exactly the most romantic corollary to your relationship.

But then why try?

How Why: Because it’s fun!
Making love in the water is one of the “classicexperiences summerwhich everyone (below below) dreams of trying at least once in their life.
Would you like to be outdone?

Jokes aside, making love in water as well as refreshing it can be really a lot of fun.
Trying it once (or twice) is a must, especially in the summer.
We have already told you here what you should do to make love on the beach which is still a place that requires some experience from maneuver as well as shrewdness.
Doing it in the water could be the next step that will allow you to complete the list of strange places where you and your partner have done it!
Ok, then: we understand the risks and also why it might be worth trying to do it in the water. Now we come to the most important step: how you do it?

How to do it in the water?

Ok, you are ready: you have chosen it mirror of water to immerse yourself in, you have looked around if you are away from home, you are excited and you want to let loose.
What do you do now?

  • condom: let’s start from the basics. Wear the condom! Doing it in water does not prevent pregnancies or STDs. The condom is put on before entering the water, while the penis is fully erect. Check it carefully and if you feel that something is wrong, stop!
  • lubricants: choose one that suits your needs (there are different types) and take it with you. Having something that can help you lubricate your vagina and penis, even during [email protected], is simply essential.
    Plus it allows you to do foreplay that is both enjoyable and useful. Better than this!
  • locations for all needs: depending on where you are (sea, lake, swimming pool, tub) you can try different positions. At the sea or the lake you can lean on the water’s edge and let the partner who penetrates to lie down (not too much, otherwise the waves will reach his nose) on the ground. You can straddle! In the pool or tub we advise you to use the edges to lean on: having something to hold on to or to use to keep up the pace is essential!
    If you find yourself in a spot where the water is high enough, you can let the penetrating partner stand up, grab your legs around his waist and get busy like that. It is not too uncomfortable (the water supports you) and the movement can be accompanied by the waves.

Doing it in the waves is a dream for many but it does not necessarily mean that it can become a concrete reality. We told you what to do and what to watch out for: now it’s up to you!

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