Domenica In, Alessandro Gassmann and the unpublished story on the winning of his son Leo in Sanremo

Alessandro Gassmann

Alessandro Gassmann, a proud father, reveals an unprecedented detail on the victory of his son Leo in Sanremo

Leo Gassmann: things to know about the beautiful son of art, competitor of XF12

On Sunday In an unusual version of Alessandro Gassmann, known for his confidentiality, appeared, who surprisingly revealed an unprecedented detail of his son Leo and his victory at the Sanremo 2020 Festival with the single “Okay like this”.

A precious event for the young singer-songwriter who, thanks to his victory, has established himself as one of the most promising voices in the beautiful country. Great satisfaction for Alessandro too: dad so proud that he let himself go to the joy on social networks. A liberating scream, that of Gassmann, who already went around the web at the time and which today has been enriched with a new detail. In fact, the well-known actor revealed to Domenica In that he was almost kicked out of the hotel where he was staying during the singing festival precisely because of the too loud shouts:

The night he won Sanremo I was feeling really bad, I gave an inhuman cry and they were about to kick me out of the hotel where I was staying. I opened the window and made another one, I don't know why, outside! […] He is a singer and I am an actor. I mind my own business and he does his thing very well. Obviously if you ask me who is the best Italian pop singer, I tell you Leo Gassman!

It was 2018 when Leo, Alessandro's son and grandson of an exceptional artist like the late Vittorio Gassmann, showed up at the twelfth edition of "X Factor": an unexpected debut in front of the cameras for the little Gassmann who immediately struck the jury with the his talent. A delicate, timid voice, and a notable propensity for writing unknown to the general public who immediately decided to support his talent: so much so that it reached the final episodes.

An unexpected debut that Leo had also kept hidden from his parents, Alessandro and Sabrina Knaflitz, who have since decided to support Leo with great discretion. Precisely because of this great confidentiality then only today, after more than 5 months, Gassmann revealed to Venier this unprecedented detail on the participation of his son in "Sanremo Giovani": the story of a proud father and proud of the successes achieved by his son who gives alone, only with his own strength, he took off.

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