Domenica In, Antonella Clerici from Mara: life away from TV with Maelle and Vittorio

Domenica In, Antonella Clerici from Mara: life away from TV with Maelle and Vittorio

Antonella Clerici, in connection with Mara Venier, spoke about the success of her program and life with Maelle and Vittorio

An episode full of emotions that of Domenica In, which saw many guests in the studio alternate. Mara Venier welcomed, even if virtually, in connection from her villa in the woods in Arquata Scrivia, her great friend Antonella Clerici, who spoke about the great success of her new program It's always noon.

The presenter could not hide the happiness of having returned to Rai and having started over with a new project: "When you return to a place that was like a home, where you have been well, it is always a great emotion", she admitted to Venier.

Then Clerici made a confession to the hostess, revealing a detail on an accessory she always wears on her wrist during her show:

I always wear this bracelet that Vittorio made me make (Garrone, ed). There is a V, its initial, a red heart, an A for Antonella, a four-leaf clover, the number twelve for noon and the star because I am its star!

Antonella then opened her heart, confessing that she was enthusiastic about the adventure of It's always noon, and admitting to her friend Mara that she missed her audience:

You know we are very similar, both in the way we pose and in the management, always from the gut, without a script, without too many stories. You hope that the audience is there and you also feel it from behind the cameras. There is a relationship of trust, of affection, built over many years and this is beautiful.

The Rai 1 broadcast dedicated (also) to the world of cooking is enjoying great success: Clerici, after a long stop from TV, in recent years has lived immersed in nature, enjoying the time she had spent away from loved ones and her family. Now he has recovered enthusiasm and energy with the aim of bringing moments of lightheartedness to viewers:

It's a cheerful program, even if entertainment isn't easy these days. In my opinion, however, it is a must: bringing a little lightness, a smile, a little breath into the homes of Italians is very important. Then I made a choice: yes, I work every day but in the evening I want to go home, because for me it is essential to go back to my woods with Vittorio, with Maelle, with Vittorio's children. I could never give up on my solid foundations again. I sacrifice myself, I spend a lot of time in the car, but I am aware of being a very lucky woman, I do the best job in the world!

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