Domenica In, Antonella Clerici instead of Mara Venier? "Absolutely, I know her"

Antonella Clerici ready for The Voice Senior: "A moment of true freedom"

Antonella Clerici clarifies her presence at "Domenica In" next year in place of Mara Venier. And is ready for the success of "The Voice Senior"

The Voice Senior: coach, competitors and conductor

Antonella Clerici ready for The Voice Senior sheds light on her future on Domenica In. In fact, it is rumored that Antonellina could take the place of Mara Venier in the conduct of the Rai 1 program next season. Rumors that fueled after Zia Mara declared she wanted to leave the broadcast.

In an interview with SuperGuida TV, Clerici answered the question of whether she was ready to take up her colleague's legacy in these terms: "Absolutely, I know Mara well. For her, Domenica In is like noon for me, I wish her to go on at least for the next ten years ”.

Before making any long-term plans, Antonella has her work cut out. First of all, with the daily appointment of It's always noon which is giving her great satisfaction also in terms of share. And then with The Voice Senior on air from Friday 27 November.

In this regard, comments on the choice of this year's judges, Loredana Bertè, Gigi D'Alessio, Clementino, Al Bano and his daughter Jasmine: "Everyone has their own reasons, they had to be somehow the link with what is the age and the preference of competitors. Loredana conquered everyone and many rock women showed up for her. I think of the melodies of Gigi who is also a great musician or the unmistakable voice of Al Bano. Clementino is the outsider, he is a guy who will be a real surprise with his energy and unpredictability. Jasmine will appeal to the younger ones a lot ”.

The first controversies arose precisely on Jasmine Carrisi. Someone looked with perplexity at his presence in the program, on the other hand right next to his father. But Clerici, in the same interview with SuperGuida Tv, is ready to defend her: “Many will change their minds, she is not a registered letter. It was not proposed by Albano, it was me and the working group who asked to have it. He is a new generation split, he is twenty years old, he loves a genre different from his father such as rap or trap, we really liked having father and daughter together with different musical ideas. You will see that this will happen, obviously with the respect that a daughter owes her father ”.

Al Bano himself, a guest at Storie Italiane, reiterated that this is not "nepotism" and that his daughter is not a registered letter, but was wanted by the production and after the proposal from Rai, he asked her if she felt like it. to do a broadcast with him.

Controversy aside, Antonella Clerici is experiencing a golden moment. Her fans are thrilled to see her permanently on television. And someone writes on his Instagram profile: “Antonellina, I'm a huge fan of yours, I have followed you with affection since elementary school! I am now 30 years old … I grew up with you you can tell. I wish you countless successes! ❤️ ". And again: "Hi Antonella excited !!! 😍". "I ask you a favor … in our homes there is a need for grace, kindness, simplicity … I believe you can bring all this. We really need it. Good job!".

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