Domenica In, Arianna and Viktorija on Sinisa: "It is he who gives us strength"

Domenica In, Arianna and Viktorija on Sinisa: "It is he who gives us strength"

Sinisa's wife and daughter, in connection with Mara Venier, told the story of an incredible man's strength

Once again, Mara Venier surprises us with an exciting and moving interview. In today's episode of Domenica In, the presenter returned to talk about Sinisa Mihajlovic and connected with her daughter Viktorija and his wife Arianna Rapaccioni, who told how the champion is facing this difficult period.

From their home in Rome, the two women made a very sweet portrait of an exceptional dad and husband, of a man with a big heart and immense strength. The first to speak on Domenica In's microphones was the young Viktorija: she presented her book, written as a tribute to her father, in which she decided to show the true face of Sinisa. A strict dad, but also a sweet man, always present and generous – this is what emerges from the words of his daughter.

Even Arianna Rapaccioni, ex soubrette and Sinisa's wife, spoke alongside her daughter and told some more details about her relationship with the Bologna coach. Mara Venier, who has always been very close to the Mihajlovic family, wanted to retrace her romantic love story with her, starting right from that distant 1995, when Ariadne took her first steps into the world of entertainment. The one with Sinisa was love at first sight, which led the showgirl – at the time engaged in a broadcast conducted by Venier – to give up all television ambitions.

"I stopped working to dedicate myself to the family, I chose him" – said Rapaccioni, who then remembered how everything happened quickly. "We looked at each other and fell in love immediately, he won me over with his sweetness". And in recent months, Sinisa has had to face a very difficult battle against leukemia, being able to count on the support of her wonderful family. By proving to be the strong man we all knew, he never gave up and, on the contrary, he knew how to give courage to his wife in the darkest moments.

"These months have been quite difficult, together we have faced this moment and we continue to face it" – revealed Arianna – "We gave each other strength, I have always been close to him. We have united even more as a family. " Then, Sinisa's wife revealed a very sweet detail: “He gave me strength, because I was very scared. She tried to reassure me and reassure me, because I am very anxious. He also had a crazy grit in his illness. "

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